A Lush Review.

So I'm lying in bed, I'm completely exhausted and should really go to sleep but I'm fighting the urge to stay up longer as its only 22:27 so I've decided to write a quick review on some of the Lush goodies I got for Christmas. I'm sure everyone has heard of Lush aka 'The Smelly Shop' or to some people 'The cheese shop.'  There are many reasons why I love Lush including they don't test on animals, everything is natural and they're always looking for ways to help the environment as well as help little charities to name a few.

Right now this soap and bath bombs are sat on my dressing up table and every time I walk into my room I can smell the scent of honey in the air, just perfect.
From L-R.
Cosmetic Warrior - I always try new face masks from Lush I've bought this one on a number of occasions. The smell may not be to every ones taste but you get used to it, it's full of honey, garlic, egg whites and tea tree oil so it's perfect for anyone who has oily/prone to break outs, like myself. It leaves my skin smooth and feeling moisturised good for sensitive skin. (You need to keep this in the fridge as they have a early use by date, however I still manage to get around 12 masks from this!)
Baths bombs - Okay, not going to be long with this if you love baths and filling them with bubbles or smelly stuff go to lush. You will find everything there is in there from honey scents, to bubble bombs to once that turn you water an amazing blue colour and knowing that the ingredients are all natural makes it that much better. 
Honey I washed the Kids soap - Oh my being a sucker for anything that smells like toffee and honey I love this, I wish I could put it in my mouth and eat it. This leaves my skin super soft, smooth and smelling divine and it foams up so well, I never want it to run out.
It's Raining Men shower gel - This matches the scent of Honey I washed the Kids, so yet again I love it. I use this in my hair every now and then, to much can be drying. Wonderful Product.
Vanilla Dee Lite body lotion - Okay another one of my favourite smells Vanilla. I rub this all over and it smells delicious and leave my skin soft and sweet. One problem, it is slightly runny.
I can't say anything wrong about Lush, if one product doesn't work another one will.
So if you haven't already try LUSH.

Oh and here's a picture of my dog Alfie confusing a bath bomb as a ball, staring at it and waiting for me to throw it. Bless.

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