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If you know me, you would know how much I love keeping journals, scarp booking, constantly making lists. I could spend hours looking at pretty journals, so when I discoverd Gadanke (guh-dawn-kuh) I was in journal 'heaven.' Gadanke is a handcrafted journal company owned by the talented Katie, each journal is designed to help you write down/remember beautiful memories in years to come, the journals range from travel journals, baby books to journals helping you find your direction in life, all of which are filled with writing prompts to help you discover your inner thoughts. Katie kindly let me interview her.
What sparked the idea for Gadanke, in the process were there many obstacles to overcome?
In 2007, I was back home for my grandma’s 90th birthday. NPR's StoryCorps happened to be in town, inviting people to share their stories. My grandma and I jumped aboard the recording bus. I created a list of exciting prompts and thoughtful questions for my grandma (much like the tricks I had started developing for my journaling). I was ready to ask question after question about her life and passions. But there was a problem.
My grandma sighed and sadly stated. “I don’t remember this stuff, Katie. I should have written it down.” We were both so crushed. You can look back on times and read history books, but you cannot do it through the lens of someone in your family. Unless she wrote it down.I knew I needed to take the prompts I was crafting for my grandma and transform them into something that could celebrate more lives and more stories. That’s what being a storycatcher is all about.Now the ideas don’t just come naturally. I think that’s the biggest challenge. Learning patience with yourself and your creativity!

I always love to hear about peoples biggest inspirations and how it may have impacted their work in a certain way, can you tell me about yours?
I’m inspired by the people I meet. When I was starting Gadanke, my husband and I lived abroad. Two of my classmates in German language class were Russian. The only language we had in common was an awkward, broken German with an insane number of hand gestures and facial expressions. We would spent hours in cafes together, trying to tell and understand each others’ stories. I think that’s when I truly began to understand the power of story and our passion for it as people.

Can you share with us a little bit about your creative process, and do you have any advice for people with creative dreams?
People always talk about how you just have to take a leap. But I don’t like that’s true. It takes a lot of little brave steps. You don’t just hop in a plane by yourself and go. You study. You practice. You believe. My creative process includes a lot of little flights. Some are by myself; others are with more skilled pilots. But always, they’re an adventure.


Thank you so much Katie! If you would like to buy one of these lovely journals click here to shop and sign up to her newsletter to be scent storycatching inspiration and discounts. Katie also has a lovely blog filled with plenty of DIY's, recipes and much more, you can also visit her on facebook or twitter.

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