Julia Wine

There’s something about handmade plush animals that makes my heart melt a little and I can feel that inner child returning. After spotting one of Julia Wine’s Valentines Elephants on an Etsy newsletter I knew I had discovered something pretty special, declaring her love for making things with her hands from sculpting to sewing, her shop is filled with a variety of beauties including felted jewellery, plush animals, ornaments and even eye masks.

How important is making items from hand to you?
It is very important! I do not even know how to answer. For a long time I worked *in the office* and handmade for me was like a favorite hobby, but now, thanks to ETSI, I am able to do it more seriously. The main barrier was my doubts - whether people will like what I do, because everybody has different tastes. And I'm so happy that there are people who like my work.

You have a variety of objects in your shop as well as a separate shop for pretty floral necklaces and other jewellery pieces. Do you have a favourite thing to make/materials to work with?
Most of all, I like to design and make toys. Creating jewelry is also interesting, but the toys give me an incredible childish, cheerful mood. Besides, I love animals and have a soft spot for rabbits and bears, so there are so many of them in my store.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

My inspiration is a favorite son and husband and the mood they give me.

To many people out there who are stuck in a ‘boring office job’ and wanting to do something creative, after taking that leap yourself what advice would you offer to other people?
I would advise them never to doubt their abilities. Even while working you can devote time to a hobby, and eventually determine what is more important for you. But even if it remains just a hobby - it is also very good, because it is not so important what others think of you, it is more important that you feel good about yourself and what you do.

I am slightly in love with Julia's Valentines Plush's, aren't they adorable? If you would like to find out more about Julia Wine visit here.

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