If like me you're a big fan of Etsy you may have noticed these simple but bold notebooks/cards on their homepage as well as in their newsletter, they caught my eye and I discovered Rachel's darling shop ohNOrachio! filled up with beautiful hand illustrated cards, notebooks even plates, as well as adorable cloud/rabbit plushies and many other things.
The little statements on the front of her notebooks instantly made me feel inspired to pick up a pen and write, I hope they inspire you in a similar way.

Describe OhNoRachio! In three words:

Hand illustrated goodness!

What sparked the idea to begin OhNoRachio?

Well, it all sort of came about after several very well received birthday gifts that I had made for friends and family. I opened a little Etsy shop and stocked it with a few of those gifts and it grew from there! I’m very thankful that my lovely friends and family encouraged me to embrace my creativity.

Drawing and painting have always been a big part of your life, do you have favourite things to draw/materials to work with?

When it comes to my products - I really love the simplicity of combining ‘kraft’ coloured papers with white pigment inks. However, when I’m just doodling away I love to work with watercolours and gouache paints {they’re like acrylics, only a little thinner}. I almost always paint floral motifs and hand drawn typography. These are two real loves of mine.

Handmade gifts are my favourite and add that personal touch, how important is keeping things handmade to you?

There is nothing that makes me more happy than receiving {or giving} a gift that there has been real thought behind. It’s very easy to just pop into town last minute and grab your friend a quick {but certainly nice} little gift - but nothing says you care like a handmade gift. Not only are handmade gifts thoughtful, but they are the perfect way to support small businesses in an economy that’s swallowed by mass production. I can’t say I never buy high street goods - now that would be silly, I definitely do, but whenever possible I like to make my own, or order my gifts from sights such as Etsy!

You've kindly donated some of your notebooks/journals for Rumble in the Jumble, good deeds make the world go round. Is donating to charity an important part of your life?

I massively believe in karma, karma and kindness.

Your blog is filled with adorable DIY's from crafts to food, Where do you get your ideas/inspiration from?

I get inspiration from all over the place! I carry a little inspiration journal with me in my bag, and when I’m out and about I jot my thoughts down and snap a quick picture on my iPhone for a little visual record. Plus you’ve gotta love Pinterest for inspiration - I can spend hours lost on there, there is so much inspiration to find, I love it!

One of my biggest inspirations though - is the creative community of super talented individuals that I’m lucky enough to know. Twitter and Instagram have been fantastic platforms from which to make connections with amazing people.

You were recently featured in Londons Time Out magazine, how did that feel?

Being featured in TimeOut London was a really lovely feeling. I think seeing your work chosen from god knows how many others is really quite humbling. I always get that warm fuzzy feeling when someone purchases or features my work. It’s nice to know that others like what you’re doing!

What can we expect from OhNoRachio! in 2013?

Gosh! That’s a good question...this coming year I will be extending my range of products, to include some exciting new additions, as well as developing my blog and website. I’ve only really been seriously focusing on blogging and becoming a ‘serious’ small business owner for just coming up to a year now - so I’m still relatively new to it all and just extremely excited for what this year will bring!

I hope you enjoyed reading this little interview with Rachal, she also keeps a lovely blog full of yummy recipes and lovely DIY's.
Please visit her shop on etsy, as well as popping over and saying 'Hi' on twitter.

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