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"I've always felt there was something sacred in a piece of paper that travels the world from hand to hand, head to head, heart to heart." ~Robert Michael Pyle

#Postcircle was set up by Anna from Miss Beatrix, when you sign up you fill out a little survey listing some of your likes/interest. After that everybody gets put in groups of six each having an adorable names, my group being Puffins. The first person you send mail to is chosen by Anna after that you can send mail to anybody in your group. If you would like to take part/find out more click here.
I only posted my second #Postcircle letter yesterday and to my surprise it was delivered today! I was going to wait a until I receive some letters to do another #Postcircle update but since I'm at my boyfriends house I have no idea if any have arrived, I'm secretly hoping when I go home on Thursday they'll be one waiting for me.

I chose Jo as my second #Postcircle, she wrote a long list about her likes (most of what I love myself) such as chocolate, crafting, tv shows, baking, reading and more. Below is what I sent her:

I photocopied the tissue paper from my last Crafty Creatives box and wrote my letter on the other side, I actually love how this turned out but once more I ran out of room to write so my writing got smaller and more cramped together as I got further down the page. Since Jo also loves baking/cooking family meals I printed of some recipe cards and found a recipe for baking and maybe one she could try with her family. (I noted the source on the cards as well.) I also sent her a little bag of colour, when this arrived I opened it up so I could see what was inside simply because it was smaller than what I had expected. So here's a little peak to what was inside (sorry for the awful photo):
I was pleasantly surprised, there was so many cute and little things inside from tissue paper, skeleton leave to a Russian doll charm, it's perfect for scrap booking/card making.

I'm really enjoying #Postcircle, and reading about and seeing what other people have been sending/receiving, so share any links below. 
NB.  You don't have to send gifts, it was something I knew I wanted to do. Taking the time to write a letter is enough.

To read about the first #Postcircle letter I sent click here. 

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