#Postcircle Received

Okay, I know I've spoken about #Postcircle a lot recently but its so exciting, after spending the last couple of days at my boyfriends I've come home to 3 #Postcircle letters. Here is what I got, I cannot say thank you enough to everyone who has sent me something, it felt like my birthday coming home to this lot:

At first I started to get a little worried because I hadn't received anything from #Postcircle and I mentioned it on twitter and Jo wrote me a little note card (I guess I sent my letter to her at the same time!) with an adorable Puffin magnet on the front and suggesting maybe Amanda from the Netherlands was sending me mail, hence why it was taking so long. She was right and when I saw a big packet lying on my bed I got all excited wondering what was inside, I opened it up to discover lots of Dutch treats and tea, I love tea! I can't wait to try these, Amanda sent over some waffles and some sweets, which all have caramel in them, one of my favourite things. I also had a reply waiting from Claire, written and lovely woodland paper, I told her I was visiting London in June and she wrote about places to visit when I go and sent over some leaflets. 

This is the box I will be keeping all my lovely letters in. I will be replying to everyone when I come back of my holiday, and writing to those who I haven't yet. I guess when I'm in NYC I will be looking out for lovely stationary and treats to bring back to #Postcircle #Puffins.
To read about what I've sent click here.

"I've always felt there was something sacred in a piece of paper that travels the world from hand to hand, head to head, heart to heart." ~Robert Michael Pyle

#Postcircle was set up by Anna from Miss Beatrix, when you sign up you fill out a little survey listing some of your likes/interest. After that everybody gets put in groups of six each having an adorable names, my group being Puffins. The first person you send mail to is chosen by Anna after that you can send mail to anybody in your group. If you would like to take part/find out more click here.
  1. Hello, hello!

    Just found your lovely blog. This is such a lovely idea, I lovely the element of surprise it involves....

    Love your little suitcase too, I have one similar, but it's very plain. This has inspired me to try and do something with it!

    Happy to be following along anyway :)

    Just Pirouette and Carry On...
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    1. Thank you, I had no idea what to use the case for then I joined this. It is a lovely idea, you should join? Its so much fun.


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