What I did: NYC (Part One)

Before we went New York we decided to get a seven day New York pass + 3 day bus pass, the total of this came to around £180 ($270) The New York pass entitles you to get into over 70 attractions in New York, while the buss pass lets you get on hop on hop off busses, as well as tours suchs as Brooklyn Tour and The Night Tour. The bus passes are ideal if you want to get around the city without spending a fortune on taxis!

Hop on Hop off/The Night Tour.

Sorry this picture is a little blurry. We ended up missing the Brooklyn tour, but managed to get on the night tour which went into a part of Brooklyn anyway, my sister took this photo on the Brooklyn waterfront, isn't it pretty? It was one of the best ways to get to see New York lit up at night., as well as learning little facts along the way. We took full advantage of the hop on hop off buses and used it everyday until it ran out.

I think we must of qued for around 40 minutes to get into the ESB, around 1,250 feet in the air it felt quite surreal being up so high yet feeling like 'this isn't high at all' when you're looking down on everything. Perfect sights of the city, my favourite building of all time in New York has to be the Chrylser building which you can see in the second photo. C went up even though he is afraid of heights but he some how managed to look over the edge and take photographs.

Since we had already seen the New York skyline during the day we went on top of Rockefeller at night. The que was much shorter at night and we waited around 20 minutes before we went up, the best part about going up in the elevator is that it has a glass roof and you can watch as you go up/down. New York looks so pretty at night, like a thousand fairylights. It was pretty dark and you could just make out the outline of central park. Rockefeller also had a guided tour/NBC/shops.

Times Sqaure.

Even though I've seen it in films and in a many pictures Times Sqaure wasn't how I imagined it would be, don't get me wrong its big but I just thought it would be bigger, different. I'm not sure I can't quite pinpoint it but still I liked it. We acted like kids in the giant 'Toys'R'Us' bought things from Disney and spotted ourselves on the Forver 21 big screen. But we all had that moment that we actually felt like we was in New York when we were first saw Times Square.

In Times Square - Madame Tussuad's (New York Pass) - Harry Potter Exhibit (New York Pass) - Hard Rock Cafe.

We wasn't planning on going to Madame Tussard's the idea of seeing wax figurines never really appealed to me but since we had some spare time and it was on the New York pass we decided to go. I actually really enjoyed it, it was so much fun and its crazy how realistic some of the figurines look at one time a guy was standing still in front of me and I couldn't figure out if it was a figurine or a real person.. I like the fact that it runs in themes and changes as you go along, we also went in the scare bit and got to see a 4D Marvel film. Highly recommend.

We turned up at Hard Rock Cafe just when it was opening and managed to avoid the long que that was there when we left. Being music lovers it was great to have a look around at some of the history of music from The Beatles to Elvis Presley. I can't remember what I ate, I'm not going to lie but I thought that there would of been more Vegetarian options at most food places in NY. I was wrong most of the time I ended up eating starter meals because everything else was meat.
The Harry Potter Exhibit ends on the 7th April, if you are in New York then go. It feels slightly childish to begin with, they really try and welcome you into the world of Hogwarts in a fun way. There was lots of costumes, props etc. I really loved the fact that I got to see the ballgowns (Yule Ball) from 'The Goblet of Fire' simply because I loved Hermione's dress. Unfortunately you aren't allowed to take photos inside.

Game of Thrones Exhibit. (For tour dates click the link)

You can imagine my excitement when I found at that the Game of Thrones Exhibit was going to to be in New York the same time we were there. I went on and on about it everyday to C, I could write a post about this alone, I took so many pictures. Me and C went on the first day, the que wasn't that bad when we showed up but soon grew and we did end up waiting for around 40 minutes before we were let in. I spent the whole time snapping away at props, costumes, reading the little information peaces, making sure I took in everything. If this is going anywhere near you and you love the show or books go! And plus you get to sit on the Iron Throne.

Part Two coming tomorrow.

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