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If you read my blog you should know by now how much I adore Crafty Creatives, an online subscription service that delivers a box of crafty goodness to your door each month! To be honest with you I could go on forever and ever about how much I enjoy getting these boxes and how amazing the contents of each box is. So below I talk to Claire and Isobel the lovely ladies behind Crafty Creatives and talk to them about how it all began.

Can you tell us a little bit about Crafty Creatives and where the idea came from? 
CLAIRE: I had the idea in January 2012.  I was a subscriber to a couple of beauty boxes, and loved the concept of getting a surprise parcel in the post every month.  It's such a treat!  So I started wondering what else could be packaged in such a way.  Being an arty crafty creative person, I suddenly thought "craft products!".  I remember I couldn't sleep that night, my head was buzzing with ideas and I couldn't wait to tell my sister Isobel, as I knew she'd love the idea too. 
ISOBEL: Claire texted me one day and said I had to come round soon for a cup of tea because she’d had this great idea she wanted to tell me about. She wouldn’t say any more! She explained the idea I thought it sounded great – there was nothing like it out there and I knew *I’d* want to subscribe!

What are your favourite crafts/What new ones have you learnt since Crafty Creatives started? 
ISOBEL: I dabble in all sorts of crafts. I love jewellery making, in particularly soutache, bead embroidery and resin. I also enjoy felt-making; both needle and wet felting. And I do enjoy the traditional arts of drawing and painting though I don’t get as much time to do them as I’d like. 
CLAIRE: I've always been arty rather than crafty, but after I graduated and failed to find work, I went back to college and did Fashion Design, where I learned how to draft patterns and sew.  I loved this, and couldn't be without my sewing machine now.  I also really love to bake!  I still haven’t got my head around crochet, but absolutely loved the needle-felting from box7.
How do you come up with each monthly theme / how long does it take to put a box together?  
CLAIRE: People always think it must be tough coming up with fresh theme ideas every month - but believe me, that's the easy part!  It takes more time and effort to source all the items that match the theme, whilst trying to not to duplicate anything from past boxes. 
ISOBEL: We have a list of possible theme ideas that we add to every now and then when an idea strikes us. Inspiration can come from literally anywhere.  
Putting a box together is many stages. We have to come up with ideas for the contents and kit, then try to source all those things at a price that works. If we’re inspired and on a roll, this can be relatively quick, but sometimes it can take several weeks. Then we have to wait for the orders to arrive, and then often there can be quite some time dividing them into quantities we need for the box! And then, finally, we pack the boxes :o) 

What can we expect for the future of Crafty Creatives? 
ISOBEL: Our aim is to keep growing, but to keep providing the same quality in our boxes. We are looking to expand into Europe, and possibly North America, but we want to make sure we’re ready before we do that because customer service and customer satisfaction are really important to us and we don’t want to bite off more than we can chew! We’d love to work with some bigger designers, and perhaps bring some new and exciting products to our members. 
CLAIRE: A few other things on our to-do list are to open the members-only online shop where you can buy items from past boxes, and to launch a crafty forum for our members to discuss techniques and share photos.  We think these will be popular with our members! 

You're coming up to your 'first birthday' how does that feel? 
CLAIRE: Absolutely mad!  It feels like we only launched a few months ago!  Time really flies when you're working month-to-month, and also, of course, when you're having fun!  It's really fantastic that we've built a following of dedicated supporters, who love the boxes.  THANK YOU - without you, we wouldn't exist. 
ISOBEL: Amazing! I can’t believe we’ve been going for a year now, time has flown by. It has been wonderful to watch the business grow, and see and read all the feedback from our members on the internet. It’s a really nice feeling to watch people post photos of the kit they made from your design, or to see what uses they’ll come up with for items in the box :o) 

Sometimes crafting can go wrong/not turn out as expected, what are your tips when this happens? Or useful tips when trying something new?  
ISOBEL: I’m a keen crafter, so this happens to me quite a lot! I like experimenting with new crafts, and it doesn’t always turn out the way I expect. Sometimes instructions can be hard to follow. I’m a believer in ‘try and try again’ – if you’re not sure what the instructions mean, just try something! If it doesn’t work then you can move on to try something else, and probably get clues from the attempt that didn’t work. (I definitely had to use this with our crochet kit. I hadn’t crocheted before, and the instructions were quite complex, so I had to do a fair bit of trial and error to work out the right way!) Also, sometimes you make fun discoveries when things don’t quite go to plan :o) 
CLAIRE: Patience is a virtue!  If you need to undo or unpick something - do it, as you'll be glad when it's finished that you did it right.  But, that said, sometimes it's best just to muck along and see what you end up with! 

Where do you find your inspiration/ideas for DIYs ? 
CLAIRE: Is this a trick question? The answer is clearly Pinterest!  No, just joking, while Pinterest is fantastically addictive, my inspiration can come from a passing stranger, a pretty landscape, or an industrial scrap yard - just keep your eyes open and you'll see plenty! 
ISOBEL: A lot of Googling! I enjoy doing a lot of different crafts so I have a basic knowledge of lots of different techniques. Sometimes I will search using a technique, other times I will search using the theme we are working to. I’ve also seen things in shops that catch my eye, and I’ll go home and try to think of a way we could make it in a kit. 

Describe your perfect morning/night:  
ISOBEL: Hmm… my perfect morning is getting up about 9am, having a relaxed breakfast, perhaps a amble round the garden and then getting stuck in to some productive Crafty Creative work! 
My perfect night would probably be spent with a BBQ outside, then sitting out watching the sun set, before coming in and watching a film or some quality TV (and perhaps a bit of crafting thrown in :o) ) 
CLAIRE: My perfect morning would be getting up early with the sunlight pouring in the window, then finding the energy to go for a job around the park.  Then a glass of fresh lemonade, answer some emails, and do some CC work!  A perfect night would be going out with my husband to Jamie's Italian in Glasgow... I'm a sucker for pasta and lemon meringue pie!  Then home to watch Dexter, Desperate Housewives (I'm only at season three – late starter!) or True Blood! 

Lastly, a thought that would describe your day? 
CLAIRE: Hmmm, I was really tired today, so I'll leave you with a quote I found on Pinterest that fits the bill! 

ISOBEL: That’s a difficult one! Today has only just started, so I’m hoping to make it a productive one. I always try to stay positive, so even when problems come up I try to see the big picture. That’s something I try to do every day :o)
Thank you Isobel and Claire! If you would like to sign up to Crafty Creatives for only £10 + 2.95P&P click here, there's still time to sign up for their birthday box something I'm looking forward for. 
  1. Loved reading this. Those ladies are absolutely amazing and I can't wait to see what's to come x

    1. Glad you liked it =) They are, the boxes are always amazing!



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