Lastest Book Reads

Assassin Creed - The Secret Crusade by Oliver Bowden

I bought this when I was in London because C wanted to read it, he never reads and a part of me really wants him to enjoy reading as much as I do and since its based on the Assassin Creed games I thought he might like it. Unfortunately it didn't happen he just couldn't get in to it. I haven't played the games but I've watched C play on them and quite like the storyline so I decided to read the book. The book follows a character called Altair as he embarks on a mission through the Holy Land and come face to face with the Templar Conspiracy. I did enjoy reading it, although this is one of many books I don't plan on buying the rest of them.

Penelope by Rebecca Harrington

I had mixed feelings on this book, a part of me liked it while the other part of me said 'Is there a point to this book?' The story follows a girl called Penelope who has started her first year at Harvard, going to college/university is scary for anyone, being worried about fitting in, making friends, getting good grades etc. Maybe the idea is about Penelope finding herself, I'm not sure, she had quite a few guys interested in her but she seemed unaware of this, she doesn't seemed to make any friends while shes there apart from one. A part of me was thinking that maybe Penelope is crazy and shes imagined all of this stuff in her head, I was wrong of course. Penelope isn't really an interesting character, I liked her but she was bland and the other characters weren't really likeable either. Saying that though I guess many people can put themselves in Penelope's shoes when it comes to this situation, I know I can relate on some kind of level. 

An abundances of Katherine's by John Green

I've finally read a John Green book and I loved it! I love his writing style, the way I could of read this in one sitting but had to stop because it was night time and I was tired. I liked that this book contained little bits of (really interesting) factual information, there was lots I liked and surprisingly I've read some reviews by people who read John Green a lot and they described this book as 'not as good/disappointing.' I really need to read more of his work, since I really enjoyed this so much! Anyone the book is about a guy called Colin (who is meant to be some kind of child genius) who has dated nineteen girls called Katherine, after K-19 broke his heart, his friend takes him on a road trip and we all know all kinds of unpredictable things can happen on road trips.

Tablet Reads:

Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy
I guess most people by now have read this or seen the film (or at least know the basic storyline,) since Anna is the center of the story I expected to spend more time with her, I personally felt that we got snippets of her life and never really got to know this woman who on meeting her so many people are fascinated by, in the end we spend more time with a character called Levin. I guess I have complex thoughts on the book and its characters, some parts bored me while others left me fascinated. Tolstoy covers issues such a politics, social classes, desires, love, adultery and more. I really don't know how to express my thoughts on this book but I love to know what you think if you have read it. I still haven't quite finished it but I accidentally found out what happens to Anna...

What books have you been reading or plan on reading next?

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