Secret Santa.

So somehow this year I ended up signing up to two blogger Secret Santas, it might sound strange to some but I've never done Secret Santa before so I thought this would be fun. 

The first one I signed up to was Hannah's from Hannah Bee, this one was a no beauty Secret Santa, I had to stick to a budget of £10 (I decided not include the P+P, in either of the Secret Santas set price) I ended up buying a gift for Donna from Polka-Dot Pink, I actually found it pretty hard to buy items for Donna, Donna's blog is lovely but I couldn't really come up with any ideas on what to buy. 

The first thing I bought was some Robin Christmas slipper socks, these are cute and I know slippers are typical Christmas gifts but every time I get some I always wear them, the next item I got was the Fox necklace, Donna always puts together beautiful outfits so many this could go with one of them? When I went to the meet up last Saturday everybody was awhing (is that a real word?) at these Deer ornaments, I think they are adorable so had to include one. Lastly I got a Yankee Candle in Merry Marshmallow and I know this swap was no beauty but I made some handmade lip scrub so had to include a little pot of it. I also included a little handmade Christmas tree but forgot to photograph it.

My Secret Santa turned out be Issy from MissIsGoode.

Issy did an amazing job of getting my taste spot on! I have to talk about the little ornament first, it was meant to be inside a bauble but unfortunately the glass had shattered when I opened it but on the upside I get to keep this little fella and he is now sat on my desk. He is rather cute. Issy catered to my love of crafts with pretty ribbon, (perfect for some Xmas presents) tissue paper, I want to use this in an imaginative way so if you have any ideas share! I also got some multi-coloured thread. I really do love everything. Thank you Issy!  

The second secret Santa I signed up for was ran by Hayley from TeaPartyBeauty, this one didn't really have a set theme. I ended up buying a gift for Helen from Tea in the Tub.

I thought Helen was hard to buy for too! I had a good look on her blog and I'm pretty sure Helen mentioned liking Hello Kitty (I hope I was right, either way this is pretty cute, I wanted to keep it) so I got this mood light, Helen also mentioned Candles a lot and liking scents such as cinnamon, pine etc. so I got this Candle which is called Christmas Tree, I also included another Deer ornament, a cracker with a bath bomb inside and some more handmade lip scrub. I hope Helen (and Donna) both liked what I sent it was very hard picking out items!

Jesse from Dungarees and Donuts turned out to be my Secret Santa. 

All my items came in a little Christmas box and smelt rather yummy when I opened it up, Jesse had bought me one of the nicest smelling bath bombs ever, I've already used this and I want another, it made my bath a pretty green and filled it up with glitter. I also got a Strawberry scented bath sponge, lip balm, (I can never have too many) MUA lipstick, a little rubber Bunny and two lollipops which I couldn't eat because they weren't vegetarian but my Mum was happy about that! Thank you Jesse! 

I would love to hear which of these Secret Santa gifts you would choose for yourself, I didn't really think it would be this hard to pick out items for someone but it really was. Have you took part in any Secret Santas this year I would love to hear about them. 

  1. I'm so pleased you liked your presents! I'm really gutted the bauble smashed! I had been worried about that happening, it's a real shame it did :( At least the reindeer survived the journey!


  2. As I've already said, I loved the gifts you chose for me. Thank you again! :) The candle smells lovely and I want your recipe for the lip scrub haha. Secret Santa's are so much fun.



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