24 before 24

A quick picture-less post, thought I would share with you my list for 24 before 24 for this year. I'd love to hear your thoughts/own goals/blog posts about your dreams etc. 

1) Save £5000 - to be honest I should have started saving money when I was sixteen and had my first job, but of course you're young at that age and don't realise the importance of having savings (or at least I didn't.) I want to know that if anything did go wrong etc. I would have some money to fall back on and not struggle.
2) Learn more about herbalism - I've always been fascinated by the healing proprieties etc of plants/herbs etc. being someone who likes natural things I think this would be beneficial to me.
3) I have a pile of books in my room that I need to get through, they are all books that have been passed on etc. so once I'm done with them all they are going straight to charity.
4) Learn how to use my sewing machine.
5) Make/buy more handmade gifts - If you know any fantastic handmade business please share!
6) Go on holiday - Its a goal of mine to go on holiday at least once a year, this year I would love to visit Italy.
7) Learn mixed martial arts - I really want to do this, although I'm not sure if I am brave enough to take a class!
8) Learn how to contour - Contour really fascinates me especially when you see before and after shots, I also hate my nose and something that could make it look smaller is a plus!
9) Go to the Harry Potter Studio tour - I actually got a gift voucher for this for my birthday so all that's left now is to book the date. 
10) Take my Mum to see Les Misérables
11) Eat more healthily - I eat to much junk food and its now starting to show health wise, but I just love crisps, chocolate, cheese etc...
12) Have fun.
13) Get a short story published.
14) Start more traditions - Every season, Easter/christmas etc. I see people posting about their little traditions and I don't really have any and it makes me feel sad, they always seems to be talking points to people, or have lots of memories surrounding them so I'm hoping I can create a few of my own this year. 
15) Make more plush animals - I'm thinking of working on a new animal (or more) each month, so if there is an animal you think I should make, tell me in the comments!
16) Be more adventurous.
17) Do more things like going to museums etc.
18) Pay of my 'debt' - I'm still paying of New York and me and my boyfriend went crazy on Very and now have to pay all that back...
19) Do more random acts of kindness - when I read about little things people do for others etc. it always makes me feel better about society.
20) Ride a hot air balloon - one of the bucket list.
21) Splurge on myself 
22) Take more photos/start a travel journal.
23) Make a curry from scratch - Curry is my favourtie meal and knowing I could make one from scratch sounds impressive.
24) Watch Doctor Who with Matt Smith - Okay, I love Doctor Who but I only caught a few episodes with Matt smith in, simply because I was busy, forgot to record them. 
  1. Just make this your travel journal! And this sounds like all of my regular self-improvement lists, haha... my stack of books has been sitting there for a very long time. Best of luck!

    belle + compass

    1. Thank you! I could definitely add travel elements to the blog!

  2. Herbalism is a really interesting one to learn, you'll have to share what you learn as I think it's quite interesting. Harry Potter studios I am jealous! I'm determined too one year. You've got such lovely things on the list, Matt Smith as Doctor Who is amazing! Season 6 is my favourite one ever. Animal wise, why not try a horse for the year of the horse?

    Rhiannon xx

    1. I really do hope I have the time to learn more about it, I've been intrigue ever since I used to play on Runescape...
      Oh, I hope you do get to go, I'm so excited! I just can't wait to get it booked.
      I love the idea of a horse I will have to give it a try.

  3. I think that's a fab list of things to aim for! I love that you have a hot air balloon ride on your list; I'd love to do that but the other half is scared of heights! :-) x

    1. Thank you, I can imagine if I ever did do it to be a littler nervous! But I love seeing them in Summer, always makes me a tad envious!

  4. Get that Harry Potter tour booked and then that's one thing off the list.

    1. I really should, just need to find a date to go but I'm so excited already.

  5. hope you make everything on the list! and I'm really glad I found your blog! :)

    imeowlife. ,Dixx


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