Review: Avon Egyptian Secrets Bath Petals

These bath petals are so pretty I couldn't wait to use them, when I opened them up on Christmas day I was attracted to the simple but attractive packaging whilst imaging how fairytale like it sounds to have a bath filled with petals. As much as I wanted to use all of them in one go I resisted and used two, when I put them in the water I expected them to delicately float round so you can imagine my disappointment when the flopped to one side... but since each flower is made up off layers I watched as they separated from each other and of course looked like petals. I also expected the petals to dissolve into the water almost like an oil but to my surprise they created bubbles! The petals themselves have a lovely fragrance which is meant to be inspired by Egypt although I can't quite pinpoint any certain scents, the scent does linger on the skin whilst leaving skin super soft. I do like this product, and it would be perfect for anyone who loves baths.

Have you used bath petals before? Which ones would you recommend? I just can't help but fall in love the idea of petals in the bath.

With regards to animal testing for a long time Avon claimed to be against animal testing but more recently have taken those claims of their website, although looking now it does say they do not test on animals.   

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