Review: Lush Merry Christmas gift box

Okay, I know its way past Christmas and you can't get these products in Lush till Christmas time but I really wanted to write a review about this gift box, firstly because some of you like myself might not have tried any of the Christmas bath bombs etc. from Lush before, secondly it might inspired you to try these products come Christmas time.

So the Merry Christmas gift box comes in a sparkly, glittery gift box and tied together with a ribbon, I'm planning on keeping the box and recycling it as a gift box this year. Inside the box we get five different bath products,four bath bombs (Lord of Misrule, Cinders, Father Christmas and Golder Wonder) and one bubble bar (Christmas Eve) The gift box it self retails are £19.99 (I'm not sure if that matched the value of the products etc.)

This is such a large bath bomb that apart of me wanted to break it in half but since it feels hollow I didn't. The gold shimmer on this gets everywhere, so when I dropped it in my bath this is what happened:

The gold dust floated away and out came an explosion of colours, blues, yellows, oranges and reds, when it had all fizzled away my bath was a deep green colour. Something I didn't noticed until I got in the bath is that all that gold dust was floating around in the water, shimmering and making the water look mystical and magical. This bath bomb has the sweet scent citruses smell of oranges and lime. This also left me skin feeling smooth and soft, I will buying this come Christmas!  

Christmas Eve:
Shaped like a crescent moon, this bubble bar is pretty to look at, every Christmas I think 'Hmm, should I get one' but I never do so I was happy to see this inside the gift box. This is the only bubble bar which came in the box and the first bubble bar I've used from Lush! This bubble bar has sweet scents of florals and jasmine, making it perfect for a distress/relaxing bath after a long day. I decided to cut the bar it half, so I wasn't sure how many bubbles I would get from half a bar but I was surprised when it filled my bath up with lots of soft bubbles, the product itself was easy to crumble into the water and while I was breaking it up I noticed how soft it was making my hands. Once I got in the bath I could still notice the sweet scents of the bar which lingered on my skin afterwards. My skin was soft once I got out the bath, I'm looking forward to using the remainder of the bar. I guess the only disappointment with this bar is that the water didn't turn an attractive colour like most bath bombs from Lush. What are your thoughts on Christmas Eve? 

Cinders Bath Bomb:

I've read quite a few reviews on Cinders and couldn't wait to use it, for starters this bath bomb smells amazing with hints of Orange and Cinnamon. The bath bomb also contains popping candy that can be seen dotted around the bath bomb. It is a smaller bath bomb compared to most Lush bath bombs so I used the whole thing in the bath, once I dropped it it began fizzing really quickly and I was waiting for the crackling of popping candy but it never came which was quite disappointing. The water turned a wonderful deep orange colour while filling the room with the scent of Oranges. I couldn't stop smelling my skin after I used this, I just love the scent of this one.

Father Christmas:
This bath bomb again has the scent of Oranges but its not as strong as other bath bombs. This bath bomb has the colours of Christmas with Red and Greens, it does look very pretty once it starts to fizz in the bath and an explosion of green appears. I've read some where that this bath bomb is meant to contain glitter? I'm not sure because this one has no trace of glitter. Also when I was in the bath my legs started to feel itchy, I'm not sure if it was the bath bomb that caused that or maybe something else I used. I wouldn't say its the best bath bomb, but its a nice novelty for Christmas time.

Lord of Misrule

I thought Lord of Misrule was a Christmas bath bomb but its still available on the website for £3.50, although the bath bomb I got looks nothing like the picture on the website. This bath bomb is filled with popping candy and has spicy herbal blend of black pepper and patchouli. When I popped it in the bath, I expecting the popping candy to do something but it didn't no crackling or anything. I sat watching this bath bomb for a while ready to take pictures, at first I thought maybe it just turns the water green and that's its, so I put my camera away then looked back and the bath was filled with a lot of bubbles something I wasn't expecting. Again I put my camera away because I though that was it, to only look back and see that the water had turned a murky colour, I expected the water to stay green but this murky colour looked like mud, it wasn't till the bath bomb had completely fizzed out to see the water was a deep red colour which reminded me of Lush's Rose Jam. It's a nice bath bomb but not one I would buy again.

Out of the ones I tried I will be purchasing Golden Wonder, Cinders and Christmas Eve next Christmas. What are your favourite Lush Christmas products? 
  1. Lush bath products are so nice but I can't never get some since all my apartments always had showers !

    1. Oh no =( I don't know what I would do without a bath! I hope you get a apartment with a bath one day!

  2. lush is great! and they are so pretty :) love it

    1. They really are, can't wait to try some more!

  3. Such a lovely blog dear! Following you now, hope you visit and follow my blog too!♥

  4. Ohh, those lush bath products are amazing! I wanna try them all!

  5. Lush is awesome, they have such amazing products! I love that their bathbombs always surprise - I admit to having a favourite I buy whenever I go in there! Not that I can afford it often, you it's all definitely worth the money, as far as I'm concerned! ♥


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