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Tuesday, 11 February 2014
This is the last Snail Mail Collective ever *sad face* I've had such a fun time getting to know people from all around the world, I only had one incident were my partner didn't send me anything, then ignored me when I emailed them which is a shame. So for the last swap I was paired with Cindy from La Ma Heureuse, I had such a lovely time getting to know Cindy, its nice to be able to click with someone over the Internet and share similar views and interests with someone. We are also working on our own little project! Which I am excited about. The travel swap was a tricky one.

What I sent:
Travel gift ideas

handmade horse plush
travel gift ideas

travel gift ideas

Although I loved the theme of travel apart of me really struggled with the theme, I had ideas but none of them came into existence because I couldn't find what I wanted anywhere. It took me ages to find suitable items! So I ended up buying a Travel Logue, which includes little scratch maps, I have a scratch map on my wall and I love it, so I thought this would be a perfect gift for someone who loves to travel. I also included a little hanging heart with a map on it, when I go on holiday I like to pick up little souvenirs, the Elephant wind chime is the type of item I would buy, I think this is so sweet, I wanted to keep it. I also made another Horse plush, this one is sitting down, I guess it fits in with the theme of travel, since you can travel by Horse. I also included a little tin and chocolate for Valentines day, I thought it would be a nice extra and since Cindy did a Valentines giveaway I thought she should have something too. 

(If you would like to know where any of the above items are from let me know)

What I received:

travel snail mail ideas
travel snail mail ideastravel snail mail ideas
Cindy really outdid me! She sent me so many lovely things, first of she included the Travel package which had some of Cindys favourite items to travel with such as a pretty scarf in beautiful colours such as oranges, aqua, yellow etc. a scarf is the perfect accessory to pretty up an outfit. She also included a notebook and pen to jot down ideas, I'm thinking of using this as a travel journal to take to future places to write about my day, memories etc. as well as sticking in tickets etc. that I have from past journeys, the stickers, washi tape, memo pad that Cindy included will also be perfect for this idea (as well as using some in my organiser!) Oh I also got Melon Ice Cream lipgloss which sounds yummy. 

Cindy also included a second package for Valentines (lucky me!) which satisfied my love for crafts with felt in shades of greens and blues and a kit to make my own hanging heart and two chocolate dips to make Hot Cocoa. Thank you Cindy!  

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  1. This is such a cute swap package. I love the little elephant x

    1. I really wanted to keep the Elephant its so adorable!

  2. so cute! anD great pictureS! :) And i love your blog! and can't wait to read more! I also followed you on GFC!

    Also I'm new to blogging and i'm trying to meet some fellow bloggers so I'd love if you had some time if you could check out my blog and let me know what you think! it'd be greatly appreciated! And maybe even follow me on bloglovin or gfc if you like and want to!

    thanks so much xoxo Randa

    1. Thank you, of course I'll have a look at your blog!



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