Review: Laura Mercier Oil Free Foundation Primer

Wednesday, 12 March 2014
Laura Mercier Oil free foundation primer
Laura Mercier Oil free foundation primer
Before I bought this primer I had only ever used one primer before this, which wasn't very good so I just stayed away from them. At the end of last year I was having trouble with my foundation, it kept rubbing of if I touched my face etc. since I had heard a lot about the Laura Mercier primer I thought I would give it ago. Before I bought the product I did a little research to see how much it was, I looked on the John Lewis website but didn't realise I was looking at the 1oz size tube which is £19 and I thought to myself 'that's quite cheap' so you can imagine my horror when I paid for this and it came to £29! I think for a moment I wanted to cry when I departed with my money. Anyway, I went to the Laura Mercier stand in John Lewis (Nottingham) when I got to the stand there was no one there, so I waited while so many staff looked at me knowing I must need assistance but I just got blanked, I must have waited for over five minutes before I went to ask someone if anyone would be on the Laura Mercier stand any time soon, the answer was 'the person was on their break' so somebody else served me instead. I can understand that staff need their breaks but I feel maybe someone should stand in for them during that time, the day after I bought this I walked through John Lewis and noticed that again nobody was at the Laura Mercier stand and a customer was waiting/not getting approached by anybody else, is that normal at beauty counters?   

On to the primer itself, since I have combination skin I chose the oil-free primer. It doesn't take long to sink into the skin but I do like to wait as long as I possibly can before I apply make-up. Things I noticed was that my foundation was a lot easier to apply and I got a better coverage/finish than I normally would, it also stopped my foundation from rubbing of my face and it gave me a longer lasting coverage. I ran out of this about a week ago (I bought this at the end of November so its lasted a long time which doesn't make £29 sound too bad) and since I'm not wearing any primer at the moment I've noticed just how beneficial this product was, my foundation doesn't look as good as it did and starts to rub of on my nose, I've also noticed that my skin has started to break out a little since I've stopped using primer! I do like this product and would buy again but I am interested to see what other primers are out there, and maybe find a cheaper alternative for when I can't afford a more expensive one. I'd love to hear about your favourite primers.

*Laura Mercier oppose animal testing and our products are not tested on animals unless required by government regulations. We actively support initiatives to create alternatives to required animal tests.


  1. This product seems to be so good !

  2. day, 12 March 2014. Laura Mercier Oil free foundation primer. Before I bought this primer I had only ever used one primer before this, which wasn't very ...


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