Review - Lush Rose Jam shower gel and bubble bar

I may be a bit late writing about these products (they were Christmas presents) but since the Rose Jam shower gel comes out every Christmas time, maybe I can convince you to pick up a bottle next time? I did think that the Rose Jam bubble bar was also a limited edition product for Christmas, I'm not sure if its available in shops anymore but it is available online for £3.50.

Anyway, the Rose Jam shower gel is a product I have avoided over the years, I read so many reviews comparing the scent of this to Turkish Delight, and I hate Turkish Delight. I can't help but recall those unfortunate moments when I ended up choosing the Turkish Delight out of a chocolate selection box and ended up spitting it out, the taste and smell I'm not a fan. One day I wondered into Lush to pick up some Snow Fairy as a present for my Sister, and ended up walking out with a small bottle of Rose Jam shower gel, the sales assistant told me to give it a sniff and I fell in love with the scent, its sweet and sugary but not to over-powering but the major selling point for me was that the product contains Argan Oil meaning this product is also good to use as a Shampoo!

As a shower gel it is great, it foams up nicely without using excessive product, the scent is strong and lingers on the skin but as a shampoo its amazing, I stopped using it as a shower gel and now only use it as a shampoo (to help save as much product as possible.) My hair has never been in amazing conditioner after dying it a million times when I was younger I've always struggled with it being dry but getting oily quickly, I used to wash my hair every other day but wanted to stop washing it as much (every fourth day) and this product really helped, not only did it leave my hair super soft and shiny, I noticed that my hair wouldn't get as oily as quickly as it did before. As soon as I used up the small bottle I asked for the bigger one (500g) for Christmas, I have over half of the product left so hopefully by the time I've run out I'll be able to pick up another bottle!   

The Rose Jam bubble bar is just as sweet and sugary, and with coconut oil and shea butter to leave skin feeling soft (which it did!) Unlike some Lush bath baths/bars/melts this one is easy to break in half for two baths, saying that though to use a bubble bar you have to crumble it under running water something I really struggled with! The bar created lots of bubbles (although they did start to evaporate really quickly, I wish bubbles lasted throughout the whole bath) and left my bath the prettiest pink colour!

Have you tried these products before? And who else uses a Lush product for something completely different from what it says on the label?

  1. Jam shower gel....! Amazing get me to Lush

  2. I love Lush products, strangely enough I used a bomb in my bath today that was a Christmas present, felt bad for leaving it for so long but still worked beautifully! (Twilight)

    I didn't realise it was a colour changing bomb but that was a lovely surprise during the bath, glad once I'd read the review to realise that it was deliberate! It worked so well :)

    I love Turkish Delight, so even if it doesn't smell exactly like that it sounds like something I would like, will look out for it next Christmas!

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