The Little Things

Does anybody else have any gift cards left from Christmas? I finally got around to using my House of Fraser one, I picked up some adorable Panda highlighters (I pretty sure I could have spent the whole £20 in Paperchase on pretty stationary, but made myself walk away!) I wasn't sure what else to buy but I had a wander into the home department, I love home furnishings/decor and clearly I have a thing for Owls in design I was immediately attracted to this cute utensil jar, not sure what I am going to use it for just yet. 
I always seem to mention some kind of sweet treats in these posts, I used to love these caramel wafers when I was a kid, me and my mum rediscovered them a while a go and they seem to be popping up everywhere. They are oh so good. Do you have any favourite sweet treats from your childhood?
Getting back into journaling, I've kept a journal from the age of fourteen and I used to write in it everyday up until the age of eighteen, I miss it, hopefully if I start doing this again it'll get me back into writing more. I truly miss it. 

What little things have been making your week?
  1. Those highlighters are adorable!

  2. I just love the panda highlighters they are so cute :) xx

  3. Ahh! I used to love those wafer biscuits as a kid! I haven't had one in forever, I definitely need to track them down again. Also I love those panda highlighters! So cute :) x

    Hannah @ Cutes and Fruits

  4. I love keeping a diary i try and write morning pages as often as I can but not nearly enough lately :) xx

  5. I have some similar cat highlighters from Paperchase, well done on your restraint, I cannot resist cute stationery!


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