Ladybird Plush

Saturday, 5 April 2014
For March, I had a go at making a Penguin plush, I didn't draw up a template because I wasn't sure what type of shape to give the Penguin, they came out okay, not amazing but definitely a work in  progress.

Inspired by Spring/Summer I had the idea to make a Ladybird! I drew up a template on Thursday and made it today, I'm actually quite pleased with how this turned out. The trickiest part and the part I hate with most plushies are the legs, they are so fiddly and I never know how to do them, I was going to have flat legs but wanted the Ladybird to stand up so I drew vase shaped ones but once everything was stitched together it didn't stand! So I cheated a little and use fabric glue... I was going to make more of these but I've ran out of black buttons and thread! I also plan on making more Horses, and having a go at a Dog! 

Anyway, I would love your thoughts and don't forget to sign up to my Spring craft swap


  1. This is brilliant! You're so talented at these, I love the way you've done the winds too, so so cute!


  2. Awww that ladybird plush is so adorable!!!

  3. This is soo cute! I love them!

    Gemma xxx


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