Loot Crate unboxing April edition - Dragons

Thursday, 24 April 2014
So Tuesday saw the arrival of the April Loot Crate, this is the second box I've received so far and when I found out that the theme was Dragons I got overly excited and kept wondering when that dispatch email would land in my inbox.

If you haven't heard about Loot Crate before, it is a monthly subscription box from America full of all things GEEK, each month has a theme, last months was Titan, to view past crates click the link. The box cost $29.95 (for the UK) including shipping, you can subscribe here!!

Although I've only been subscribed for a short time, I've noticed that this box is posted really fast! Another thing I like is that they tell you the theme so you can skip it if its not for you! I know people like the surprise of a theme but sometimes you end up not liking one and wish you didn't get that box and saved money, and plus this way even if you know the theme the content is still a secret.

Me and C filmed a very amateur video unboxing the loot crate, I realised that C swears too much, I hate my voice, and I ended up cutting my finger... You can view it here!

So, what was inside... (Since I was at C's I took these pictures in the dark and on my phone so please excuse!)

The Loot Crate comes with a booklet with details about the items included in the box, since this months theme was Dragons it had a little history of the folklore behind Dragons, being a fantasy lover I found this really interesting.

Dragon Jerky, this stuff looks weird, it's green, I can't eat it because I'm a Vegetarian and I doubt C will touch it.. (if you have this box and have tried the Dragon Jerky, please let me know your thoughts!!) A 20-sided die stress ball, a 20-sided die, a Dragon Slayer dog tag, a Dragon shield screen cleaner and a commemorative Loot Crate Dragon badge. 

And my most favourite items from the box, an exclusive Elder Scrolls Online The Nord figurine, this guy is cute, you can take his helmet of and move his weapons, I've also finally got Elder Scrolls online, although I haven't had the chance to play on it. A Game of Thrones mystery Vinyl figure, I was hoping for a person, but I'm glad I didn't get Joffrey and little Rhaegal is cute. (If you are joined up to loot crate what figure did you get?!)

What do you think of this months box? Is this something you would subscribe to?


  1. SO in love with this box and they are sending me replacements! Win x

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