My craft space

So after a chat in the #craftblogclub last Tuesday I've decided to share my craft space with you, since I still live at home and have a small bedroom, storing my craft supplies has always been difficult! This post also prompted a mini Spring clean of my craft storage and ended up with me pulling up my floorboards (long overdue.) 

So this is where I keep everything, beforehand I used to have a dressing table in my room which I stored items in, although large the drawers were never big enough to fit everything in! I decided to get a storage bench so I would have more space in my bedroom, this one fits in with aesthetic of my room without breaking the budget, the drawers are quite deep, they aren't wide but have a good length and I really like the wicker baskets. I also love that I can store things on top, usually this is home to projects I'm working on, items that still need a place in my room and letters/parcels. 

The top drawer is home to stationery, notebooks, glue, pencils, scissors, lots of stickers, Washi tape etc. it doesn't look to organised but its easy to reach in and grab what I need.

In the second drawer I keep beads, trinkets, jewellery making supplies etc. everything is grouped together so if I want to make jewellery I have everything in one part. I also tend to store things in everything from Jam Jars, to little tins and I even saved a cupcake box because it was too pretty to chuck away!

Let's not look into the basket too close, I couldn't be bothered to organise this one, inside is everything to do with card-making and art jounraling. It also has a few things such as spray paint, and other little pieces!

My favourite, here I store all fabrics and felts, I've sorted it so I can see what I have so I can pull it out when needed (before everything was on top of each other so I had to get the whole lot out for one thing!) In the little bag is scarp fabric, and I also keep my needle felting supplies in here, any templates and glass beads (for stuffing any plushies!)
In my sewing boxes, again very messy but I don't have to look at it! The wooden one contains thread, pins, needles etc. Whilst the second one had ribbons, buttons and little bows! 
Lastly, I have a few storage boxes that contain yarn, paints and more ribbon! And can you see why I tore up my floorboards?

I'd love to hear about your craft space if you have one! I can only dream of having a craft room in my future home, how perfect would that be?

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  1. such a lovely craft space!
    Lauren | OhHay Blogs!

  2. Love your crafting space - I don't really have much space in our 1 bed apartment to have all my craft things out but I intend to create and office come craft room when we buy a house.

  3. Hello :) just letting you know I've nominated you for the versatile blogger award! All details are over on my blog at :) xx

  4. Love this bench that you use to store your craft things in. Where did you get it from? I was thinking this would look lovely at the end of my bed !

    Megan x

  5. Your craft space is so cute; i love the floral prints and polka dots.
    Olive Needs Popeye

  6. Your craft space has such a nice vintage feel to it! Also, I nominated you for the Liebster Award over on my blog if you'd like to accept it. Much love x


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