Review - Jimmy Choo EDP

jimmy choo edp review

Running out of perfume is one of those things I hate, that's why I am always thankful for Christmas which sees me stocking up on perfume to last me a while. Last Christmas I received Jimmy Choo EDP from C, a scent I was unfamiliar with, I like to say that C's choice in perfume is good but he purchased this of the internet without having a hint of a clue what it would smell like, I guess he just got lucky and ended up choosing a scent I really liked.

This is a heavily scented perfume, one more suited for evening wear (although I like to wear it throughout the day) I've always been a fan of woody and musky smells, this one ' opens with luminous green top notes that lead to a heart of exotic tiger orchid rounded out by base notes of sweet toffee and patchouli.' and it lasts all day.

The glass packaging is quite heavy, but I love the indented shapes and the shade of the bottle, its sophisticated and stylish.   

It's always hard to describe a perfume over the internet but if you're ever in a perfume stall try this!

*I can't seen to find anything in regard to Jimmy Choo's animal testing policy, so if anyone has any information please let me know.

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