The Little Things

Monday, 14 April 2014
I'm slightly late in posting this, it was C's birthday yesterday so I've been at his house without a laptop, I hope everyone had a nice weekend!

I've had the past week off from work and spend the Sunnier days in the garden with my Dogs, for Christmas I bought Alfie a bubble machine, he loves it, he could happily chase bubbles around the garden all day (or until the batteries die.)

I've been wanting a little tray to put perfume and little bits on for a while, I got this one from Dunelm, its slightly too long but for £1.99 you can't go wrong!

I've spent the last week looking for black embroidery floss, I looked in Hobby Craft, John Lewis etc. I was started to doubt that black embroidery floss even existed (even though I've used it before.) I managed to find some in the craft section of Dunelm, yay!

I've been wanting to rip up my floorboards for ages, they were covered in paint etc. and weren't very nice in general, I ended up doing it the other day and I now have pretty wooden floorboards, which now need sanding and varnishing!

Blogger love, I know blog awards aren't everyone's cup of tea but I've been nominated for four this week! A big thank you to Aimee Amy, Gemma and Emma

What little things have been making your week?


  1. So odd that you had a hard time finding black embroidery cotton - can't say I ever had any issues - although maybe I was lucky having lots of craft shops in York perhaps?!

    1. Maybe, there don't seem to be very many craft shops here, unless I'm missing them. It was a little odd that I couldn't find it anyway, honestly thought maybe it didn't exist.

  2. That little tray is a great little find for £1.99 - I love seeing what random stuff I can pick up in bargain-y type shops! x

    1. I was impressed with it, definitely have to go back!

  3. I love posts like this! It makes you really put thing into perspective. Happiness doesn't have a price tag.


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