What I've been reading - Robin Hobb. Spoilers ahead!

robin hobb book review
The Rain Wild Chronicles by Robin Hobb contains four books as above, I got these books for Christmas and I've been reading them over the last couple of months, it took me a while to get through them due to being too tired after work to pick one up! The books are written in third-person narrative from the viewpoint of several key characters. In Dragon Keeper, Tintgalia, the last Dragon is leading a group of Sea Serpents to encase themselves in hope that they will turn into Dragons, these Serpents are late in making this journey, the timing is all wrong and when they do hatch all of them are malformed in some way. The people of the Rain Wilds have promised to look after these Dragons, after Tintaglia helped them win a war against the Chalced. The story also follows Thymara, who is heavily affected by the Rain Wilds (people of the rain wilds may be born with scales and claws) she goes to the Dragons hatching with her Dad and is shocked with how weak they are, one Dragon does stand out to her, Sintara. Alise, is a plain woman covered in freckles, shes been fascinated with Dragons and Elderlings for a long time, due to this and other factors she doubts she will ever be married. Hest Finbock has other interests and needs to get married and produced an heir so he can inherit his family fortune and please his Father so he and Alise enter into a marriage contract, Alise hopes that their marriage can become a loving one but later learns her childhood friend Sedric made the pairing. Leftrin has a ship called Tarmen, made from Wizardwood (A Draogon's cocoon that hasn't hatched.) With Tintaglia disappearing (another Dragon had been found frozen in ice) leaving the very few surviving Dragons behind, none of which can fly, constantly growing and need feeding. The Dragons trick the Rain Wilds Council into moving them (the Dragons hope to find Kelsingra an abandoned Elderling city.) And this is how our main characters meet, Thymara (apart from Tats, named for his slave tattoos) and other heavily affected by the Rain Wilds choose to go on the expedition to find a new home for the Dragons. Alice insists that Hest lets her go and see the Dragons because it was part of the marriage contact, after Sedric interferes and tells Hest he should let Alise go, he sends Sedric with her. Leftrin and his barge are the ones who will help guide the Dragons up the river. Thymara becomes a Dragon Keeper to Sintara, Alice and Sedric much to his dismay end up on the expedition up the river. It's also very clear at this point the obvious attraction between Alise and Leftrin. Sedric uses his misfortune to his advantage, he knows that Dragons part are worth a great deal and decides to use this time to his advantage, one of the Dragons is very sick, he sneaks out at the dead of night and takes a few scales, as well as blood, but for some unknown reason he ends up drinking the blood.
Without ruining the rest of the other three books, if you like the sound of the first one I would definitely pick it up! It has twists, adventure, villains and can you really go wrong  with a book that has Dragons? 

My favourite Dragons had to be Spit and Relpda, at the start they had nobody and were so close to death they I pitied them and spent time worrying if they would be okay! Since this is a fantasy book there tends me a lot of names and places to remember, the character development was good, but some other Dragon Keepers and Dragons hardly got mentioned and when their name popped up I had to remind myself who they were. I also read these books one after the other, if I didn't I'm not sure I would have enjoyed it as much, the journey flows over into all books, no leaps in time etc. and it made me feel a part of the adventure. I was sad to see it end, everyone's journey could easily continue in so many ways, I've been thinking about them non-stop since I put the last book down.

Have you read anything by Robin Hobb?

  1. Yes! Robin Hobb is my favourite author. I first read the Farseer Trilogy last year and I just completed the Liveship Traders trilogy. About to start the Tawny Man trilogy and then finally onto the Rain Wild Chronicles.

    Have you read the first sets of trilogies? I found that because I read Farseer before Liveship there were some things in there that were absolutely mindblowing that I wouldn't have picked up on if I hadn't read Farseer first.

    This post has made me want to get a move on with reading Tawny Man so I can get back to the beautiful Tintaglia.


  2. These look great, I haven't read any Robin Hobb books but I'm going to keep an eye out for them. Are they recent? I have a feeling my Mum would like them as well.

    1. Let me know if you do buy any! The first one from the 'Rain Wild Chronicles' came out in 2009 and the last in 2011 =)


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