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Thursday, 8 May 2014
I've been meaning to do this review for a while! Not long a go (although it feels like its been forever) I attended the NottsBloggerMeet, Becky the lady behind Harlequin Cosmetics gave us a little talk about the products she makes, as well as passing a few around, she was also kind enough to provide each blogger with a little something. I got one of the original lip balms and a sample of the Supernova body lotion. I may have mentioned it once or twice but my lips are the bane of my life, when I'm without lip balm I panic because my lips start to feel like they are on fire, its been like this for as long as I can remember, I often find myself thinking I wonder what it would be like to have normal lips.. I was sad when this lip balm ran out, it nourished my lips, I found that I didn't have to apply lip balm as often compared to other lip balms. It contains Cocoa and Shea butter, meaning it has a chocolaty taste, although the taste honestly reminded me of cookie dough and a part of me just wanted to eat it and I spent weeks craving cookie dough, the ingredients are all natural and organic which makes it that much better. I really need to buy some more, instead of wasting money and balms that do nothing for my lips! The body lotion was just as amazing, although a tiny sample I kept this is my bag to apply to my hands after work, and they instantly felt nourished and soft, the product sank into my skin quickly and left behind a soft scent. I highly recommend checking out Harlequin Cosmetics! 

Harlequin Cosmetics do not test on animals.


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