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I remember when I first got my iPhone 5 last year and I didn't want a phone case on it, but iPhone's have the tendency to be slippy and a couple of times I pulled it out my pocket for it to land on the floor, my heart leaping out of my chest, followed by a few nervous seconds of picking up my phone wondering if I had broke it in some way. People kept urging me to get a phone case for the added protection for clumsy moments (and trust me I am a clumsy person.) I finally got one at Christmas, one in the shape of R2D2 made out of rubber, I love it but I also wanted something 'girly,' to be honest the majority of cases I've come across I've personally found them slightly tacky. The idea of customising a phone case wasn't something I really thought about until I went on MrNutcase, not only do they offer a wide range of designs for a wide range of phones, apple, blackberry and more but you can create your own. The process of this is really simple, you pick the phone you want a case for, then you can select a style, I chose the ultra lightweight slimline case (£14.95) after you've chose a phone/style you can start designing your phone case, you can choose from different layouts, you can have two photos, one photo, five etc. This is also great if you want to create a personalised case using your own photographs. 
mr nutcase iphone case review kelli murray

I wanted my phone case to be whimsical, something that suited my personal taste, after playing around with different designs I settled on a cute bunny illustration which I have loved from the moment I saw it (this is a Kelli Murray design, a free printable that was available on her blog, I got in touch with Kelli to ask for permission to use it on a iPhone case for personal use and she kindly said it would be fine, thank you Kelli!) I love it, I only ordered this yesterday (with free postage) and it arrived today, quick postage is always a plus!!   

The image is good quality, not stretched or ruined in anyway, and it fits onto my phone perfectly, the outside of the case is clear, something I didn't like at first but grew on me very quickly. I keep picking it up and looking at it because its new and I already love it. 

Does the idea of designing your own phone case interest you? What would you get printed onto yours?

*This case was sent to me for reviewing purposes, all thoughts and opinions are my own. MrNutcase are offering bloggers a chance to review a case by emailing
  1. This is so cute! I would have loved to take up on the offer of using MrNutcase but they don't offer a case for my phone which is pretty annoying! Maybe some time in the future
    Lauren | OhHay Blogs!

    1. Oh no =( I thought they had quite a wide range!!

  2. Oh, I'm struggling to get my image to work on there - wah.

    1. Really? That's a shame!! I hope you manage to get it sorted soon!


  3. So so cute! I love it :)



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