Review - Ozeri Pedometer*

When I was younger I remember Walkers (in the UK)  doing a promotional offer for a pedometer, I loved clipping it onto my school trouser and seeing how many steps I did in a day, everyone in school had one and it became a bit of a fad. Me and my Sister used to turn it into a competition to see who had walked the most in the day, it wasn't long until we realised that if you shake it with your hand it counted as a step... Fast forward ten years or so and pedometers are still popular with those into fitness etc. Now I'm not really a health nut nor do I do much exercise but I am interested in seeing how many steps I take in a day and how many calories I burn and that's what attracted me to the Ozeri 3D Pedometer with Tri-Axis Technology (£15.95 sale price), not only does it keep track of steps and calories burnt but it also records speed and distance, has three different recording modes and it also comes in yellow/black, I'm oddly attracted to items that resemble a bumble bee...

The product comes neatly packed, battery included with instructions and a screwdriver when the time comes to replace the battery (which I thought was a nice touch.) Now, when it comes to setting things up like this I tend to be pretty useless, I put it off for a while because I though it would be too hard, how wrong I was! The instructions are very clear, it tells you how to set up the time/date, to get an accurate reading you are also required to enter your weight and stride range, you are also given a how to on how to work this out, but I took a random guess with mine. 

I chose to wear mine around the neck with the lanyard which was included, but it can also be attached to a belt, inside a pocket and more. One thing I do like about this product is that it doesn't have an on and off button, when you are wearing the pedometer it will turn on automatically when you are in movement, say you sit down and become inactive it will switched itself off, which also helps save battery life. 

I really like this product, I've been wearing it everyday because I genially find it fun to see how much I've walked, its going to come in handy for my Sunday walks and I'm interested in seeing how many calories/steps I've took each week. 

Would you consider getting a product like this? I think its perfect as a little fitness kick and if you need to measure your calories burnt. You can find out more here. 

*This product was sent to me for reviewing purposes, I was given a list of items to choose from to review and I chose this one, all thoughts and opinions are my own.
  1. Haha I remember those Walker's pedometers too. They tried to set up a walking challenge at my work a few years ago but the quality of the pedometers were similar to the Walkers ones (oh dear!) so they never actually did it. I've always wondered how many steps I do take though. Bet it's nowhere near the recommended 10,000.

    Jaq @

    1. haha, and I definitely do not walk 10,000 steps a day!


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