Review - Sleek face contour kit, light.

Saturday, 3 May 2014
So one thing I wanted to learn this year is how to contour, when done right contouring really changes the face, and I've always wanted a smaller nose... I had a look around for different contouring products and settled on the Sleek Face Contour Kit, at £6.49 it's pretty cheap, I chose the shade light but it's also available in medium and dark. The product came packaged in a little box with a mini guide on contouring, which is useful for beginners but sill I turned to the internet and blogs for how to guides. The first time I tried contouring I did it over my foundation, using the Real Techniques contouring brush to apply the product, firstly I found the product hard to blend but I've had this issue for a while, when applying powder product over my foundation it never wants to blend, if anyone has any idea why please let me know! I kept buffering away at the product until it was blended but still I have no idea if I did it right, my face looked the same, no definition in certain places etc. Being paled skinned I also thought the product was slightly too dark, when I caught myself in the mirror it looked like I had just smudge mud on my face... I've research contouring a fair bit and often people use a white powder, this one was more of a shimmer, although I love using it as a highlighter I'm not sure it really works for contouring (maybe I'm wrong, make up make up is not my expertise.) I've also used it under my foundation but still not really seeing any definition, anyone who has ever looked at photos of before and after contouring will hopefully know what I mean, I want to achieve that look. I will continue to use this product until it runs out but I'm not sure I will be repurchasing it.

Have you tried contouring before? What are your favourite products? 

*Sleek products are not tested on animals.


  1. I find the prospect of contouring really scary. I've only just got the hang of blush!

  2. I really want to get into contouring I recently had a NARS make over and they used the laguna illuminator on me and it was so easy the finished look was just amazing really emphasised my cheekbones….I just find contouring difficult it's one of those thing's I just can't seem to get the hang off x


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