Review - Yankee Candle Christmas Memories

Can you believe that last year I bought my first ever candle, now its all I seem to want to buy! Lots of people were blogging about the Yankee Candle Christmas Memories box last year and I really wanted one, then it went into sale and sold out really fast. In February I was buying a bedside table from Very and needed a little something so I could qualify for buy now pay later and I managed to find the Christmas Memories box (which you can buy here for £18.00, not sure if its available to buy else where?) I wasn't planning on doing a review hence no photos of the candles themselves but since I love this box and plan on buying another one when I've used all the candles in this one I thought I would. I'm also sorry for taking about Christmas in May!!

The candles come in a nice presentation box which opens like a book and has descriptions of the candles on the left hand side (which all sound yummy!) The box contains 12 votive's which each have a burn time of twelve hours. Although the scents are related to Christmas I do feel they can be burned throughout the year and its nice to have candles burning that have such nostalgic scents. 

The twelve scents included are: Sparkling Cinnamon - now I do like the scent of cinnamon but find it can be overpowering. Thankfully this one wasn't, cinnamon is such a warm, cosy scent, making this one perfect for when you want to snuggle under a duvet with a good book. Sugared Apple - This one has a softer scent of apples and vanilla, I'm a fan of sweet scents so the vanilla really made a difference. Snowflake Cookie - You know those moment when you smell something so good and you wish you could eat it, that's how I felt about this candle (and some of the others) its so sweet and yummy and made me think back to German Christmas markets and the delicious scents in the air. Snow In Love - A blend of creamy comforting woods and wintry powder freshness, I'm not sure how many of you have tried the Jimmy Choo EDP perfume but this candle reminds me of exactly that! I love the scent of it, it was warm and rich and it definitely gave me a sense of comfort. Christmas Memories - This one reminded me of a lot of scents in one candles, it combines sweet and spicy, one of my favourites. Merry Marshmallow - Another one I could eat, a creamy scent of vanilla and marshmallow. Red Apple Wreath - This one has a great festive scent, walnuts, maple, apples and cinnamon. Christmas Cookie - I love the smell of cookies baking in the oven, my mouth drools every time I walk past a Millie's cookies, the scent of this is just as sweet and sugary. Cranberry Ice - This was the first candle I burnt because it was my least favourite scent out of the lot, but it was a nice and refreshing scent. Christmas Rose - Another delicate scent with hints of pine and rose - Christmas Eve - I am yet to burn this one, savoring it for a while. Apple & Pine Needle - I thought I was going to hate this one, I like the scent of pine needle but not when its overpowering, I ended up really liking this one! It wasn't overpowering but I also felt like I was walking through a forest. 

I was really happy with this box, its well worth the money, the scents fill up the room as well as spreading throughout the house. 

What are your favourite candle scents, have you tried any of these?
  1. And thanks to your Snowflake Cookie, I am totally a convert ever since! :D


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