Review - Zoya Nail polishes in Rooney and Binx*

I didn't start wearing any kind of face make up until I was sixteen, before then I was always about hand care, soft skin and pretty manicures, I had the biggest collection of nail polishes ever. Now, its very rare that I paint my nails, from the age of 16 onwards I've had jobs which involve getting hands on resulting in dry hands and nail breakage *sob* so buying nail polishes and painting my nails dropped down in my list of beauty priorities. Recently when it comes to make up products I'm being more thorough in buying products that are cruelty free and helping combat environmental issues. So when I heard about the Zoya nail range being veggie/vegan and ego friendly as well as being 100% organic, free from things such as toluene, DBP and more I knew I had to give them a try. Zoya have over 500 shades in their range, some of their latest being the Tickled Collection and the Bubbly Collection.

The colours that I tried out were Rooney from the Tickled collection, described as a magenta pink cream with balanced undertones to suit most skin tones. In the pictures it doesn't look as bright, I would describe it as Barbie pink, I did like the colour but personally think its a little too bold for me, I'm also really pale and thought it might wash me out a little which surprisingly it didn't. The second colour I tried was Binx from the Bubbly Collection, described as a spicy orchic purple dappled with gold metallic and holo sparkles. I really liked the colour of this one, it wasn't to dark and I really liked the metallic sparkles.  

Please excuse how bad my application of these varnishes is, I can't remember the last time I painted my nails! Both of the nail polishes were easy to apply and I achieved opaque/full coverage with two layers of polish. I've always had the worst patience when it comes to letting polish dry, I want to do stuff and always end up with nail marks, chips etc. within seconds, I would say that in ten minutes although not fully dry, its enough to be able to use your hands again without ruining the nail polish, Binx also dried a lot faster than Rooney. Another thing I really like about these polishes it that they can be used together, I used Binx as a coat and Rooney on my tips, I then used Binx over Rooney and I loved the way this turned out, it also muted the boldness of Rooney.

Chip Resistance.
I applied the nail polish on Monday evening, the next day I had a shower and then started doing tasks, I purposely used my hands a lot just to see how well the polish would cope, unfortunately it did start to chip straight away which is a shame, maybe it would have coped better with some kind of sealer.

Have you ever used a nail polish and it was so hard to remove and even stained your nails, I hate it when that happens! Rooney was really easy to remove, I did honestly expect for it to take a while to take off and maybe stain my nails a little which it didn't. However, Binx was a struggle, the colour came off well but the sparkles were hard to shift, I still have remains of them on my nails now!

Have you tried any of the nail range from Zoya, I'd love to hear your thoughs and of course your favourite shades!

*These product were sent to me for reviewing purposes, the shades were chosen for me after stating I like pink/purple colours, all thoughts and opinions are my own.
  1. Thanks for this blog..This has been really well written with great depth..Zoya Nail Polish does advice users to always wear a base and top coat for maximum wear which is up to 10 days.. ❤

  2. these are gorgeous colours! :) x


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