The Little Things

Yesterday whilst I was stuck at C's house waiting on his new computer to arrive the Ice-cream man came onto his estate, so I got all excited and made C go get me a 99p cone, my favourite. Yay to the first Ice Cream of Summer. Sometimes I work early shifts at work which I don't mind but during Winter it is so hard to drag yourself out of bed when its cold and still dark outside, so I'm happy to see its finally nice and sunny when I catch the bus at around 5.50am. 

These little clowns, when I was younger my Dad always used to bring my back items he had found at charity shops. When I was reorganising my shelf the other day these two brought old memories flooding back. I just adore them, I know not everyone likes clowns but how can anyone resist these little cuties?

The other day I was thinking about how I wanted to make some plush magnets but didn't have any magnets to make some with, I didn't tell anyone and then today my Dad came upstairs with these! Funny how that happens sometimes.

What little things have made your week?

  1. I had my first ice cream of the summer too while visiting my big brother in Durham - the weather was perfect for a mini holiday :) I bet those early mornings will be better in the sunshine too!
    seeing my brother made my weekend, I didn't realise I missed him so much till I spend the weekend with him!xx

  2. ah that ice cream looks so good! I haven't had ice-cream-man ice cream in so long!
    Daniella x

  3. That little bit of sunshine has def made my week

  4. Such a cute post, I want ice cream now!

  5. Nothing says summer like flowers in your hair! I'm going to have to dig mine out now :)

    Faye |

  6. Love flower clip accessories and i'm certainly a fan of lighter mornings and longer nights!

  7. I'm not usuallly a fan of clowns - who is? - but those ones are actually more cute than creepy!

  8. Those clowns are quite sweet actually I despise clowns normally. That ice cream does look so good I must say! Can't wait to see some new makes x


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