Geek #DICraftSwap and June Sign up!

If you've been reading my blog for awhile you would know that I started a monthly craft swap, May's theme was GEEK and its been great seeing what everyone has made/received so far, especially since every ones interests are so different, and consider ourselves to be geeky over a variety of things.
The person who I sent to was Danielle who blogs at thrift lane. She had quite a few geeky interests but the one that stuck out to me most was her fascination with Japanese culture as well as Pokemon and Studio Ghibli. I had quite a few ideas to begin with but ended up hating them all. I actually finished my parcel four days ago! 

The items I sent were

So the bought item I included was this beautiful Kokeshi Doll, I honestly wanted to keep this, I'm kicking myself for not buying myself one and now I have no money! Roll on payday. I made a Pikachu, again I've never made or attempted a Pokemon plush and not to toot my own horn but I loved how Pikachu came out and I wanted to keep him for myself. (I'm thinking of making some more and maybe selling them? Let me know if you'd be interested!) In the last week I got some Sugru to try out (review coming soon!!) and I had the idea of creating a bookmark, this came out better than I expected, I've never used Sugru before so wasn't sure what to expect from it, although the black did smudge slightly! Lastly using shrink plastic I made a Kodama, a spirit from Princess Mononoke (one of my favourite Studio Ghibli films) I hope Danielle liked what I sent her!

Gayle from MakeThiftLoveLife was the person sending to me, I listed a few of my geeky interests as mythical creatures, A Song of Ice and Fire (Game of Thrones), fantasy etc. 

Below is what Gayle sent me:

I got this adorable little pin with the cutest Unicorn on from House of Wonderland, Gayle wouldn't know this put I added this to my etsy wishlist a while a go. She catered for my love of a Game of Thrones and mythical creatures, with a GOT inspired brooch, a beautiful Dragon bookmark which I can't wait to use! A Lannister, Stark and Targaryan brooch which is amazing!! And lastly one of my favourite quotes from Star Wars based upon the moment Princess Leia tells Han Solo she love him. I love it all, thank you so much Gayle.
Below are a few links to blog posts from those who took part (more to follow)
Rhiannon - Emma -Jenny - Gayle
June's theme will be Books! This idea was suggested by Jenny. If you would like to take part you have until the 15th to sign up with all parcels being sent by the 10th July. All parcels must include at least one handmade item and a bought gift with the minimum value of £3. Jenny also suggested that the gift could be paper related like a writing set etc. but that is entirely up to you! If you would to take part fill in the form below and email me at 
(UK based but open internationally!)

Name - Address - Age (optional) - Social Media information and blog address -
Name a few of your interests/favourite colours etc.
Any dislikes?
What is your favourite book/genre? Why?
If you could be a book character for a day who would you be and why?
The last book you read?
Anything else you thing could be relevant:
Please state if you would like to ship international or not.
  1. what a fabulous swap! Pikachu is great - you really caught a kawaii look about him :D i would encourage to carry that on for sure.
    best star wars quote ever, after 'these aren't the droids you're looking for..' absolutely marvellous swap, i can't wait to recieve mine so i can blog too, and super excited for book month! jenny xx

    1. This has just put me in the mood to watch Star Wars and thank you, I was a tad impressed with how he came out!

  2. Found you through twitter, love your blog, and super excited to see you're holding a swap, i'm going to e-mail you later! x

    1. Looking forward to having you take part!

  3. Can't wait for te book swap :) I've been very slack with my blogging but I have a fab package and I have my partners ready to go (really do apologise for y lateness!) I love your makes xx

  4. Aww, I am so gutted I've missed signing up for this month's swap as it looks great fun!


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