Harry Potter Studio Tour (Photo Heavy!)

Firstly, I am going to apologise if you aren't a Harry Potter fan and you have seen pictures of this tour 749347 times or if you are a fan and haven't been and don't want to be spoilt!! Before I went I use to love looking at everyone's photographs, simply because everyone somehow manages to capture something different in them. Now, I love Harry Potter, but I wouldn't say I'm as big a fan of Harry Potter like I am Lost or A Song of Ice and Fire. Last year, I went to the Harry Potter exhibit in New York which was small but we still got to see lot of stuff, I honestly wasn't sure what to expect with this one, how big it was/set out etc.

Getting there.
There are a few different methods of getting to the studio tour, bus, train and car. I did have a look at trains but after everything the cost would have been high and it would involve catching a train into London to get one back out to the tour. In the end we decided to drive down, filling up the tank which cost around £40. If you do plan on driving down (we drove from Nottingham) it was a simple one way on the M1 until you turn off for the tour which is around five minutes away in car from the M1. In total it took us around 2 hours to get there.

Before we set out I had some cereal but C didn't have anything! I was worried that there might not be food there but once we got inside beside the entrance there was a restaurant/cafe. If you don't want to spend a small fortune I would recommend bringing your own food/drink. C had a ham sandwich and two croissants while I had a cheese sandwich and a vanilla cupcake (which was delicious) in total in cost around £13      

The Tour.
We arrived early, at around twenty past twelve, so after eating we went to que up at twenty to one. They pretty much let you in as soon as there is enough people in the que, which was a good thing, the wait wasn't long at all (although one guy had brought a stool with him to sit on...) From there you are led into a room to watch a short video/cinematic clip. The tour is broken up into sections and its up to you how long you spend in each one, C isn't a fan of Harry Potter so we wandered around each section on our own.  

So there are just a few of my favourite snapshots. A few of my favourite things were the display cabinet full off love potions, books, newspapers and more, I could have spent ages looking at it all. I also enjoyed the outside bit were you can enjoy butterbeer, surprisingly the que for butterbeer wasn't very long, I guess a lot of people heard that it wasn't nice but I liked it, the topping was creamy and frothy while the fizzy bit did taste odd, I'm not sure what I can compare the taste too but I enjoyed it. I also really enjoyed seeing how the masks for goblins, house elf's, mermaids, the phoenix and more were created. Lastly, I loved seeing Hogwarts at the end, it was so majestic and magical, I could have spent hours staring at it, can someone please build it in real life? Complete with magic and mermaids please.


Of course we couldn't leave without getting a few goodies to take back home with us. I've tried the every flavour beans, vomit and rotten egg included...

I really enjoyed my time and I would love to go back! Have you been? What did you think? Now I need to go to Florida so I can wander round Hogsmeade.

  1. Great post hun, Ive never been! It looks great, and its defiantly on my list of things to do! <3

  2. Fab post lovely (: It looks amazing! I want to go so much (:

    Ash xx

  3. I think I share all the same favourite parts to you! I love looking at all the graphics and stuff in the cabinets!
    Lauren | OhHay Blogs!

  4. I only went a couple of months ago but there's a couple of things I don't recognise from your photos! There's so much to see there, I think it's definitely one of those places you have to go twice to see it all! x

    Hannah @ Cutes and Fruits

    1. Agree! I looked at my boyfriends phone after to see what he had took pictures of and he saw things I didn't! Would love to go back.

  5. i'm jealous i'm jealous i'm jealous i'm jealous
    i hope I can go soon! great pictures and wonderful souviners x


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