Review - Crafty Creatives box 24.

So last month I was unsure if I wanted to carry on my Crafty Creatives subscription, I do love the boxes but sometimes they just sit there unused. So this months box was sort of the deal breaker for me, I can understand there will be some boxes you love some not so much, that's always the deal with surprise boxes. This months box gave me a new idea on how to blog about each Crafty Creatives box and make sure I actually give the contents a go, not blogging about it until I've actually used it!

This months box was Shrinkies, provided to us by Wizard toys, now if you haven't heard of shrinkies before its a shrink plastic that you draw a design on, pop it in the over were it shrinks (hence the name) you can make anything from jewellery, for card making and more.  

So this months kit contain 3x frosted, black, white and clear shrink plastic, 1x A4 frosted shrink plastic, 1x printed shrink plastic, 2 sharpies, a packet of watercolour crayons, a hole punch gun, 1x bracelet and necklace, earrings, charm connecters and jump rings, as well as instructions. I was impressed with the contents of this months box and it felt more to value to the monthly price. 

This isn't the first time I've used shrink plastic so I knew what to expect, trying to figure out how much the plastic is going to shrink is the hardest part! So this is what I've made so far (minus something I mad for my #DICraftSwap and my Sister made a penguin.) 

A polar bear and Unicorn which I want to turn into badges, some cats to be made into earrings and a few hearts so I didn't waste excess plastic. When you use the plastic you draw onto the ruff side and I always think it should be the other way round with the image on the smooth side. Obviously the black shrink wrap is best used for shapes, while the others are easy to draw on. I found the watercolour crayons quite hard to work with. The sharpies did run a little but once shrunk down its barely visible. If you haven't used shrink plastic before to give you an idea how much it shrinks I used one of the smaller sized pieces to draw the unicorn and polar bear on and it shrunk to around 3/4 that size. Its a great activity to do with kids or to create some pretty pieces for yourself/friends and family. 

Have you tried shrink plastic before? I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Crafty Creatives is a monthly subscription box that provides a different craft to learn each month, the boxes cost £17.95 with P&P. They also have an offer on to get your first box half price using code SUMMERCC
  1. I'm glad you enjoyed your CC box more this month, it looks like a good one, I've never used shrinkies, but it looks like fun! I'm not sure I would be able to deal with the surprise element of CC boxes if it were me, but it's nice to see what you get and blogging is a good motivation to use them all, x

    1. I'm glad I liked this box! I do wish you knew what was in the box beforehand and could opt out if you wanted to!


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