Review - Ozeri Digital Arm Blood Pressure Monitor*

I know this might sound a little odd but I've always wanted a blood pressure monitor, why? I'm not really sure, I guess I just like the idea of having one and being to check not only mine but my families blood pressure as well! This one from Ozeri (£34.99) is portable, with a easy to use arm cuff design, as well as logging your blood pressure for over a lengthy period time for up to three users, you can read more about the product here. 

The item comes packaged in a box, with the item being stored in a carry case, I was impressed that the product came with batteries (the amount of times I got presents as a kid, got excited and then there was no batteries!!) Now as I was looking at this product, reading the instructions my Sister came past my room and saw me using it, and then proceeded to tell me that she used one in her heath and social class and can show me how to use it, so we went downstairs set it up etc. and she put it on herself, pressed start and it started to inflate the next minute she was saying how much it was hurting her arm, but apparently that was meant to happen. I was too busy trying to read the instructions to see what her blood pressure was, when its done reading the screen is meant to change colour to either Red, Orange and Green which didn't happen. After, she put it on me, it didn't feel right and once it was inflated it hurt so much that I was going to turn the machine off, you can probably guess we put on the arm cuff wrong. Once I figured out how to do it the correct way, which is actually really simple I then tried it on myself, the arm cuff sat comfortably and didn't hurt! Once it was done reading the screen flashed green (yay!) and then I did it again on my Sister and then my Mum whose readings also came out green. I didn't really think that finding out blood pressures could be fun. My Mum has been checking hers most days and I've been doing mine ever so often.

I really do think this a good product to have around. What do you think?

*This product was sent to me for reviewing purposes, all thoughts and opinions are my own.
  1. I've just started treatment for high blood pressure despite not being an old lady. One of these would be fantastic. It would save me having to travel to the GP surgery to get it checked.


    1. It would be handy, I hope my review didn't come across like I was playing with a toy too much! However, I do think its important to keep track of your blood pressure, I would like my Dad to use this more!! I hope your treatment goes well.


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