The Little Things

I didn't write one of these last week since I was at C's without a laptop, I hope you didn't miss it too much (although I missed writing it.) It's rare that I actually stick to some kind of series/weekly posts because I tend to get bored but I really enjoy sharing with you the little things that have made my week, and hearing about whats made yours. 

Tomorrow I'm off to the Harry Potter studio tour and I'm all kinds of excited, I can't wait to drink butterbeer and get lost in a magical world.

After getting an email from The Body Shop with an offer saying spend £40 and get £20 off, I couldn't resist picking up some things since I was planning on getting some of the body mists anyway. I'm really looking forward to trying out all these products, I'm trying really hard to make sure I'm using products that aren't tested on animals and better for the environment. They also send me an extra (the Passion Fruit shower gel) whether they meant to all or it was mistake I don't know.

Being pale, and trying to stop using brands that aren't cruelty free is hard before I was using Estee Lauder and when I couldn't afford that Revlon since they have good foundations for those with pale skin. The other day I picked up so Bourjois foundation in the lightest shade but it was too Orange for me. I've been patiently waiting for Illamasqua skinbase foundation to come back in stock, however someone got in touch with my twitter saying they were selling theirs because it was too pale (have you ever heard someone say a foundation was too pale before? A good sign!) it came yesterday and its without a doubt one of the palest foundations I have come across, here's hoping it will work wonders on my skin. 

What little things have made your week?

  1. I would love to go to the Harry Potter studio tour, it would be amazing :D I hope you have a great time lovely (:

    I have the mango body mist & I adore it (: Definitely need to get my hands on more (: Will you be reviewing the two you got?

    I have the Illamasqua cream foundation but It's a little to dark, so I definitely need to pick up another one. What shade have you got? (:

    Ash xx

  2. I think Harry potter looks awesome and I am dying to go !! Have a great time x

  3. Loved the studio tour! Was so much fun when I went. The foundation looks lovely as well.

    Jasmin Charlotte

  4. The Harry Potter Studio Tour is amazing! I went a few months ago and I loved every second of it! I'm sure you'll have a great time :) x

    Hannah @ Cutes and Fruits

  5. I went to the Harry Potter Studios when I was in London in January of 2013. I loved it. I am traveling back to London this summer (I live in Texas) and plan to go back to the Studio Tour because I love it that much. :)


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