What I've been reading - Our Tragic Universe.

'If Kelsey Newman's theory about the end of time is true, we are all going to live forever. But who would want that? Certainly not Meg, a bright spark trapped in a hopeless relationship. But if she can work out the connection between a wild beast in Dartmoor, a ship in a bottle, the science of time and a knitting pattern for the shape of the universe, she might just find a way out'

Where do I even begin with this book? I was swayed by the black paper edges and an enticing cover, then I read the blurb and I was intrigued. I've never read any of Scarlett's Thomas' work before this, I wasn't sure what to expect, after finishing it or I can say is yes I get the point of it, there were parts that were magical and fascinating, unusual ideas explored but it was a difficult book to read, I was bored by it I had to battle with myself not the put it down to see if it goes somewhere, because some parts were good but with this book there is no story, it all feels meaningless. It's like me writing every detail of every day of my life for a month and giving it you to read. Would you enjoy reading it? I doubt it.

The story follows Meg, a writer who is part of a group of writers under the alias Zeb Ross, she occasionally writes book reviews whilst finding the time to sit down and write her first novel, which never happens and gets deleted over and over. Meg is also in an unhappy relationship with Christopher, while dreaming up fantasies of her and an older man. Meg also helps her friends decided between two lovers, her husband and the man she believes to be her soul mate. It is realistic in the way we all have these dreams and plans for ourselves and we try and find where we belong but life has other plans for us.

This is a storyless story, I hated it but loved parts of it. It had me torn but once I got excited by something that was happening it was taken away from me. It left me feeling unsatisfied, but I guess in away that's the point.
My rating - 2/5

Have you read this book before? I'd love to hear your thoughts.
If anyone would like to read this I'm selling this for £5 including P+P
  1. I've not heard of this book before but not sure it sounds like my cup of tea, if I'm honest.

  2. I always find it such a shame when books have no proper plot. I read a Zadie Smith book not long ago, and she gets rave reviews, and all I thought was "when is this going to get going?" and it never really did. I like to be totally gripped! xx

    1. Same here, it makes reading a book seem pointless!


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