Book #DICraftSwap and July Sign up!

So this was the third #DICraftSwap and I'm really happy to see people still taking an interest! The theme of Books was chosen by the lovely Jenny, a brilliant idea!
This month I sent to Lauren, and she was tricky to make for! I always try and brainstorm ideas but I couldn't really think of anything this month. I settled on the idea of using quotations from some of Lauren's favourite reads such as Harry Potter and books by John Green.

Below is what I sent:

The items I made were a little rain cloud with a quote from John Green's 'Lookingfor Alaska' I made this three times! The first one came out wrong, the second attempt was trying to make bunting clouds and the last (the one above) is what I finally settled on, I would have liked it to be bigger but I think it makes a cute, dainty charm to hang somewhere. I also made a necklace with the word 'Always' from Harry Potter and lastly another John Green quote, this one from 'The Fault in our Stars' an Okay? cloud filled with Lavender. The gifts I included was a few glasses shaped paperclips and supporting handmade/small business I got Lauren a notebook from here and a knitted heart bookmark from here.

Cate sent me my craft package and I got these lovely things!

As you can see it all came lovingly wrapped! Cate had made me a cushion cover, with a hand-stitched quotation on it, I did try and take a picture of the quote but my camera wasn't picking it up very well but it goes 'She immediately stepped into the wardrobe... a moment later... was standing in a wood with snow under her feet..' In the answers I spoke about how I would want to be Lucy and discovering a magical world. I love it, I was going to iron it before I put it on a cushion but I wanted to see what it would look like and it is perfect! I love that the front resembles the bark of trees whilst the blue side is the icy snow. My treats was a travel notebook, I can never have to many and I love the design on this and some chocolate, which I had to resist eating before I took a picture. It was good. Thank you Cate!

To read about what other people have sent - Jenny, Kirstyn, Cate, Rhiannon

I've been tweeting about July's #DICraftSwap so in case you've missed it (and sorry for it being a bit late since the sign up closes on the 15th) below are July's sign up details. Email me at

This months theme is Disney!
Same rules as always, the package should include one handmade item (you can make more but thats up to you) and a gift with the min value of £3. All parcels must be posted by the 10th August.

Name, Age, Address, Social Media sites.
Likes/Dislikes (Favourite colours etc)
What is it you love about Disney?
Your favourite film and why?
If you could be a Disney Character for a day who would you be and why? What Disney world would you most like to live in?
What Character are you most like?

Anything else you can think of?
Please state if you would like to post internationally or not.
  1. Thank you again for my lovely package! I honestly can't believe you went through the effort of making 3 attempts! But I can say I did the same, when I was making one of my things it just did not want to work! I forgot to take pictures too so I'm going to have to nab them from the receiver of it!
    The stuff you received is so cute too! I hope with the next swap you have someone a bit easier to make something for!
    Lauren | OhHay Blogs!

    1. I'm just happy you liked it!! Haha, I think my brain just went a little to mush on this one! Its annoying when something won't come out the way you want it too! Especially when you can picture it so clearly in your head!

  2. Yay, I'm so glad you liked your parcel! And I love love love the cloud charm, so pretty, you're very talented! x

    1. thank you =) so are you! I love the cover, you know when you get something new and you like it so much you can't stop looking at it, that's how I feel about this case!! Thank you so much!

  3. This craft swap is such a good idea.

  4. Love this idea, both the items you sent and those you received look lovely xxx


  5. Lovely gifts swap I can't wait to show mine off both the geek and book swap! Xx

  6. What a lovely swap! I follow your blog and can't believe I've missed these lovely swaps. Will keep an eye out for the next one :) x


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