Embracing Pale Skin

Quite a few weeks ago now I was participating in one of the #bbloggers chats on twitter, the topic choice was 'What are your favourite Summer essentials.' One thing that caught my attention was how many people were saying how they couldn't wait to get a tan or live without their fake tan, I'm fine with that, not everyone likes being pale but what I don't like to see are fair-skinned people apologising for their 'ghostly' legs or how some people will flat out say they think pale skin in unattractive. For me, and I'm sure other fair skinned people, I find that insulting. I can put up with people making jokes to me about how I'm a Vampire or if I step out into the Sun I might melt, I don't mind that. But then there's the other side of it  I've had a few of these awkward moments at work were others don't really think before they speak and I'll hear comments like 'Ergh, I'm so pale I need to apply fake tan' or 'Look how horrible and pale my skin is, I need to get out in the Sun' and other things and there is me sat there thinking 'thanks, so you're saying me being pale is gross?' Trust me, this happens a lot to me at work, then I'll have a few of those side glances from people when the topic of being pale (and gross) is brought up. The thing is I'll look at these women and see how badly damaged the skin is, or they've got premature aging just because they've been sat out in the skin hoping to achieve a tan. A girl I worked with used to apply fake tan over and over without washing it off, I can't help but wonder what kind damage that could course, I also can't help but think how many people apply fake tan and I'm not sorry to say but some people just look orange, for me I don't find that attractive at all but never would I insult someone for it if that is their personal taste. I guess when we live in a society where pale skin is deemed unattractive its hard to not want to have a tan and fit in, I have been there. When I was younger I bought fake tan I used to apply it, my friends used to have competitions to see who had the best tan. But it wasn't for me, I just couldn't understand what was so wrong with being pale and I'm happier for embracing it!

There are many reasons why I love being pale, having dark hair and pale skin makes me stand out, I kinda do like being compared to a Vampire and sometimes twilight style my skin does shimmer. Maybe my pale skin has something to do with this but I do look a lot younger than I am, people with pale skin tend to look a lot younger for their age (fingers crossed when I'm 50 I'll look 40...) There are many more reasons why I love being pale but I could go on for a while, the only downside to being pale (for me) foundation shopping! 

What have you (or are) embraced about yourself? 
  1. Well said! I couldn't be paler but really don't mind and have never used fake tan! I'm on exactly the same wavelength as you with comments etc

    Style Sunrise


  2. I loved this post (:

    Last year, I went through a faze where I wanted a tan, I bought a new bottle of gradual tan & a mitt but honestly I'm lazy & never got around to it. I'd also have to buy all new foundations in a different shade..not to mention the actual effort that goes into it. I am actually really happy with my pale skin, 99% of the people in my area have a tan & I have seen my fare share of people who have been tangoed..it's really not for me. I just wanna be me & if that means I'm super pale then I'm good with that (: xx

  3. Love this post and can completely relate. I'm a pretty pale person only a shade up from pure white in the Illamasqua range! :') I've learned just to embrace it though, although I have tried fake tan once, but it's something I'd have to reapply every couple of days and I haven't got time for that! I've been called a vampire too, also ghost is another common one, but that doesn't faze me compared to people's opinion's of being pale means there's something wrong with you, or say you look ill :(

    I also look a lot younger than I actually am, so maybe you're onto something there! :)

    Frankie x

  4. I can totally relate to this! I'm dark haired with really pale skin and burn as soon as the sun comes out but never tan. I embrace my paleness, it's part of my identity and you are right - it does keep us looking younger :)

  5. I have yet to find a perfect foundation! I think those who douse themselves in fake tan are insecure and I often think about that Snog, Marry, Avoid programme and how pretty people look when it is removed! Also applies to hair - if you are curly you want straight and vice versa! What a beautiful and unique world we would like in if we didn't alter our skin or hair! :)


  6. I'm naturally extremely pale but I tan so quickly if I want to I'm just never really bothered about actually tanning. And I've never used fake tan god no. This summer I went to a festival and after a day I was pretty tanned I came home and everyone keeps asking if I feel alright cause I'm tan. It's so annoying!
    I'm forever reminding my family who live on sunbeds that they look older and are damaging their skin beyond repair but they don't care. It's silly.
    I embrace my pale although I've accidentally lost it recently haha.
    Kloe xx

  7. Great post! I'm glad there's other people out there that embrace their pale skin than try and hide it with endless amounts of fake tan and sunbeds! I've never once used a fake tan and can't ever see myself using one. It can be a pain when trying to find foundation but I've found a few that fit me well and that's all that matters! Embrace the paleness and be a ghost is all I say! :D
    Lauren | OhHay Blogs!

  8. I hear you about the age thing! I'm pale with dark hair and someone asked me today if i go to college (I'm 30!)

  9. I totally embrace my pale skin! Fake tan takes too much effort to look half decent for one thing! To be honest it annoys me when people go on about getting a tan or fake tanning in preparation for a night out, as if they need a tan to look good. I want to tell them they look better without, but then I think "each to their own". Natural skin is pretty.

  10. This post really resonated with me! For years, I've been laughed at for my 'lily white legs' but lately I've grown to embrace them! I'm an English Rose! This is my look. Some people would love to look like a Victorian lady ;D pahahaha. I look ridiculous with fake tan on. These legs have done me well and I'm going to whip them out in a pair of shorts, if I so want to! x


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