Loot Crate unboxing June edition - Transform

If you haven't heard about Loot Crate before, it is a monthly subscription box from America full of all things GEEK, each month has a theme, last months was Adventure, to view past crates click the link. The box cost $29.95 (for the UK) including shipping, you can subscribe here!! Next months theme is Villains, with an exclusive Marvel variant comic cover from of their newest comic series, if this is your first crate you can also use code Villains to get 10% off!
With the arrival of a new Transformers film this months Loot Crate had the theme of Transform, I do like the Transformers films but that's how far my knowledge on them go. C is a big fan of the films and grew up with Transformers, apparently there was also a TV cartoon show thing which C show me and I thought it was awful...

So this months box contained the following an exclusive Marty McPrime t-shirt (£17.38) the value of this top pretty much equals how much I paid for the box, I really like the design on the top although I would have preferred a different colour than red. The figurines are always my favourite items in any Loot Crate box this months was a Transformers blind box toy ($12.99) me and C didn't know who we got until we looked at the paper apparently this is Megatron, C's response it doesn't looked like Megatron, your thoughts? Either way it's still pretty cool. Transformers Hexbug, BumbleBee ($7.99) I think this is rather cute, it has a switch which makes it vibrate, why I'm not sure. We also got a Decepticon sticker, as well as the magazine which has lots of information inside, warhead sweets and of course the monthly badge. As well as that we also got some MLG stuff such as a sweatband, stickers and a coupon. Overall this hasn't been my favourite box compared to previous ones, it also took a little longer to arrive than usual, what do you think? Are you subscribed to lootcrate? If you feel like it you can also watch a very awkward unboxing video of me and C here...
  1. That's because it's based on Generation 1 Megatron (http://tfwiki.net/wiki/Megatron_%28G1%29) - there's various universes of Transformers (Beast Wars, Amanda, Prime, G1 etc) each has their own design, their own mold and story line so they all look different. In G1 he transformers into a gun.

    I'm surprised you didn't enjoy the cartoons - in the Transformers community they go down A LOT better than the films ever do - actually the films in the Transformer community go down horridly. I love Transformers Prime and Beast Wars myself - they go much deeper into the relationships between the Transformers themselves - their history and life, and actually are what the films should be about - the Transformers themselves rather then silly human loved up story lines.

    Ah you can tell i'm married to a Transformers fan. Well with more than 200 of the figures I think it's reached more than fan level lol.

    1. Thank you for the info =) I'm not a massive fan of it! C loves the cartoons when he was growing up when he showed me them I was like what the is this..?
      Maybe this new film will be better?

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