Review - Lush's Jackie Oates colour supplement

jackie oates lush colour supplement review

jackie oates lush colour supplement review
In my hunt for a pale foundation which is cruelty free, I got quite a few recommendations via. twitter one of them being the Jackie Oates colour supplement (£9.25/20g) from Lush. I knew Lush did make up but I was unaware of their foundation. Jackie Oates is for 'fairer folks and English roses' made with oak milk to help calm the skin down as well as lots of other lovely ingredients such as aloe vera, honey and shea butter. This foundation is muti-purpose and can be used mixed with moisturiser to create a perfect tint or straight on the face for a perfect cover.

It's not often I give up on a product so quickly, I like to give everything a chance and try different methods to see if I can get it to work. Although it kind of looks like a thick liquid, once applied the texture is a lot thinner and more of a mousse. The first time I used it I applied it with a brush then patted it in with a sponge, now I have combination skin, the cover on my cheeks was fine, but on my chin and around my nose it was awful, the foundation had gathered into little clumps and wouldn't blend, when I tried to dab one part it just lifted straight off. The next day I thought I would try applying it with my fingers to see if I could get a better result, again the cheeks were fine but as soon as I got near my nose I saw it just sitting in some places. I was pretty disappointed, I've never had this happen to me before when it comes to using foundation. Colour wise, it was okay it is pale but has a yellow undertone which doesn't suit everyone. I'm a fan of full coverage if this foundation did work for me I can't imagine it giving me a full matte look, the foundation is far too thin. 

Have you tried any of the makeup range from Lush, what are your thoughts? Let me know if you have used any of their colour supplements.

If anyone is interested, I'm selling this product for £6 with P&P if you're interested please let me know or its just going to go to waste! 
  1. I love Lush and they've had so many make up ranges before I'm always sceptical about whether they're worth it or not. I don't know if you ever had the chance to visit but they used to have a sister brand called 'B Never Too Busy To Be Beautiful' which sold perfumes and make up. The make up was lovely but very expensive for what it was and B Never went out of business after a year or so. Sorry to hear you didn't like Jackie Oates - hopefully someone will love it and take it off your hands!

    Jaq @

  2. Hello do you still have this item for sale jackie oates as I wanted to try and would buy it im not sure how to message you privately

    1. I'm not sure if you will see this but it is still available! You can email me at


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