The Little Things

If you can figure out what this is from the photograph then well done to you, I took them out of the packaging so I could see what they look liked and couldn't get them neatly folded again. I'm in the middle of decorating my room and I have new curtains!! Not very exciting but considering the fact that I moved rooms over a year ago? And haven't had any curtains since I think I'm allowed to be excited.

The lovely Elizabeth bought me a $10 gift card for Ruche for my birthday way back in January, I've been wondering what to buy ever since, I spotted this Charlottesville Canister in the sale and with an extra 25% of it was a bargain! 

And lastly spending a couple of days in Liverpool seeing my Sister graduate, which I'll be blogging about soon.

What little things have made your week?
  1. Love the canister! It's so cute. You look so pretty in the graduation photo too.
    Lauren | OhHay Blogs!

  2. I used to get excited about house things like new towels, bedding and curtains (yep, I'm cool!) when I had a flat whilst at uni and was an actual adult for a little while! Now it's just books and food ;) my little things are: getting an unexpected day off yesterday, eating my breakfast outside nearly every day because it's been so warm, and my new rucksack from ASOS :) x

    1. I love homeware and of course books and food! OO hope you enjoyed your day off!

  3. Yay for new curtains! And yay for shopping! Hehe.


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