What I've been reading - The Death of the Poet by N. Quentin Woolf*

'When you swear to love, be faithful and to do your duty, how does that promise bind you? Radio host John Knox falls passionately and irrevocably in love with Rachel McAllistair the first time they meet, when a political debate boils over and she punches him. Thrilled by her fire, he pursues her, promising never to leave her.' 

The Death of the Poet by N. Quentin Woolf

The Death of the Poet is a debut novel by N.Quentin Woolf, I must admit this book had me gripped, it left me feeling angry, a man just tying to fix things and never quite getting there. When I read the ending my heart sobbed a little. Bittersweet really.  

The book is told in the POV of two characters John Knox, a radio host who recounts his tale to us, the story of him and Rachel, a love story, one that is tragic and dark. While his life is interweave with a man from a different country and century too him, John Rutherfield a Captain in WW1 who tells us pieces of his story through diary entries. 

The story starts of pretty slow, we meet John Knox, we get to know him, about his life, how he used to be married, how he got his job as a radio presenter. Then he meets Rachel and everything spirals out of control. This book touches on some serious issues such as domestic abuse and mental illnesses. Parts of me was so angry that John just didn't leave but I guess that's what love can do to you, to anyone. After a main incident in the middle of the book, we're thrown into WW1 and for me this is where the book picks up, I didn't want to put it down. I must admit when reading this book as John Knox and I turned the page and I was all of a sudden reading about John Rutherfield it threw me off a little, it wasn't something I expected. The way these two stories were brought together was so clearly constructed, its a powerful story. One thing I did like was how the chapters are counting down time, life and how precious it is.

I never like to give too much away when I write about a book in hopes I don't ruin parts of it. But you can find out more/buy the book here. But trust me it really is a beautiful and breath-taking novel. 

If you have read it I would love to hear your thoughts!

*This book was sent to me for reviewing purposes, all thoughts and opinions are my own.
  1. This isn't something I'd heard a lot about, or found very intriguing, but you've made me really want to read it! Only two more days of school, and then I can really catch up on some reading - I may have to pick this up! x

    1. Do let me know if you buy it! I'd love to know your thoughts!
      My Mum's reading it atm, her only words were 'intense' and have an amazing time of school!


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