Review - Bella and Bear, Eye and Mighty eyelash curler*

The Bella and Bear eye and mighty eyelash curler (£12.99, sale) comes packaged in a pretty floral box, although I did find the box slightly spacious for an eyelash curler, the design is something that instantly appeals to me. I also love the colour of the curlers with metallic Red handles, I guess sometimes its the little details that make a product more pleasing!

The last time I used an eyelash curler I was around sixteen, I remember looking at this device absolutely terrified I was going to pull my eyelashes out. Seven years on I still have the same fear. A downside for me is that this product didn't come with instructions, I know that might silly but when you haven't used one in years I think it would have been a nice touch for a how to guide on how long to hold for, the best way to use the curlers etc. I mean do you use it before or after mascara? (Although looking at the product on amazon they do have a mini guide!) The curlers promise no pinch and no pain when curling and the design allows it to grip every eyelash.
The verdict, at first I didn't notice any difference with my eyelashes, no increase in length/curl but after figuring how long I should press the curlers down for (I guess it varies for each person) I did notice my lashes had a noticeable curl, I must point out this is also with mascara on! The reason why I stopped using curlers before is because I could never notice any difference at all. The curler also fits onto my eyelashes perfectly, almost as if it was designed just for me, its grasps all of my eyelashes and they sit comfortably on the curler. In the past the curlers I  have used use to hurt me, thankfully these ones live up to their word of no pinch and no pain to the point I felt comfortable enough to blink, move about etc. whilst curling and not worry about accidental tugging. I did attempt to take pictures to show the difference with/without eyelash curlers but I am helpless when attempting to take a picture of my self, sorry! 

Do you use eyelash curlers? Have any useful hints and tips?

Bella and Bear are also looking for people to join their Band of Beauties! Just click on the banner on the right hand side of my blog to sign up! 

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