Review - Bella & Bear, Hair She Goes Hair Removal Kit.*

I guess facial hair is one of those topics most people don't like to talk about, it wasn't until I started wearing make up that I was really aware of the tiny hairs on my face, they didn't bother me at first but then when I looked at myself in the mirror I would notice them, then C got a camera and they looked so visible that I started to remove them opting with a cream. I guess to some it might seem silly worrying over something as small as this but removing them makes me feel a lot more confident. I never considered other ways to remove the hair, I use an epilator to remove hair elsewhere but its not something I would have thought to use on my face!!  
bella and bear hair she goes removal kit review
bella and bear hair she goes removal kit review
'People will stare, make it work their while'
Bella & Bear (£11.99 on sale)

The Hair She Goes Removal Kit, comes with tweezers and epilator, the packaging of this product instantly attracts me, I love the pinks and the floral combination and the fact that the products themselves are a peachy orange are a winner in my eyes. To use the epilator, you hold it in both hands and rotate the handle clockwise and anticlockwise, I did get this wrong at first due to misreading the instructions but once I had corrected my error and used them right, I knew about it! It hurt a lot, I knew it would, it hurt a crazy amount when I first used an epilator on my legs but its one of those pains after several uses you grow accustomed to (thankfully.) The first time I used it I was quite skeptical if it was working and not just tugging at the hairs/my skin but once I took it away from my face I could see tiny hairs trapped in the epilator. Since the hair is pulled out from the root it does mean that growth takes up to 3-5 weeks which is a good thing (obviously.) I wouldn't use the epilator around my eyebrows in fear of pulling the wrong hairs out so the tweezers are a perfect edition. Although I do like the product and it is something I will continue to use I do think it is slightly time consuming especially if you're going to do the whole face.  

Is this a product you have/would consider using? Let me know your thoughts.

*This item was sent to me for reviewing purposes, all thoughts and opinions are my own.          
  1. I think I should consider buying this tbh! I am prone to getting hairs on my face and neck too, sometimes extremely dark ones! Obviously they aren't the most flattering thing in the world and it always snags at my confidence when I notice one when I'm out!
    Lauren | OhHay Blogs!

  2. I've never seen an epilator like that but I really like the idea of it! I've never tried one myself so personally I wouldn't know if it was good or not. I'd love to try it though!

    Every Day In Grace


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