My trip to Lake Garda, Italy (Photo/Text Heavy)

Thursday, 11 September 2014
At the end of August me and C booked a last minute trip (I say last minute we knew we were going to go on holiday in September but we had no idea where) since we were on a low budget I ended up booking the cheapest holiday I could find (via. lowcostholidays) which ended up being Lake Garda in Italy. I was happy with this, Italy is a country I've always wanted to visit, with never ending list of places I want to go..

Alternativly, you can watch C's 'vlog' he did about the holiday here (part one) and here (part two) 

Day One - So last Wednesday me and C woke up early (well a somewhat normal time for me four thirty am, whilst C was in shock to see that time!) To head to Italy, I must admit the first day didn't run as smoothly as I would have liked, the plane journey was fine and really quick but when we arrived our transfer wasn't waiting for us, after making phone calls (using C's phone since mine had no service) and wandering round looking for him and even finding his car but not him we headed back into the airport were he was stood at the arrivals over twenty minutes late, saying that though our driver was rather sweet. The journey from the airport to Lake Garda wasn't that long, around an hour and a half. I had booked a hotel in Gardone Rivera, but when we arrived at the hotel and handed them our voucher we were told our reservation wasn't on the system (at this point I wanted to cry) the receptionist then ordered us coffee whilst she made a few phone calls returning telling us she has booked us into another hotel in another village on the lake around 4km away in Maderno. At this point I was slightly relived but still annoyed, it took around eight minutes in the taxi to get to the new hotel and it was meant to be a better hotel with it being four stars. After checking in and finding our room we went to grab something to eat, opting for Spaghetti with Vegetables which were pretty yummy!! Feeling very sleepy we headed back to the hotel and wandered round admiring the above view from the hotel. After that we went to bed pretty early and soon discovered how cold our room was at night.

Day Two - We headed out at around ten am and since my phone had no service and we only had C's phone who had no charger we decided to go look for one in case of emergencies (fun.) We ended up walking back down to Gardone Rivera (it took a while) grabbed some food and an amazing Strawberry milkshake, after that we walked on to Salo which was a pretty town and after finding a phone charger we took our time wandering through the streets, going in shops and people watching. After figuring out  the bus timetable we caught a bus back into Maderno, sat down and admire the lake whilst eating the most amazing ice cream. We ate at the same place as before, ordering Red Wine and C ordered a Steak (big mistake)

Day Three - We didn't actually get to do anything today, in the middle of the night C woke up being sick every where, it wasn't pleasant, he brought up all of his dinner and was sick in the sink which meant I had to clean it. I assumed it might have been the wine since he's not used to drinking, after being sick a few times he said he felt much better and went back to bed. A couple of hours later I was woken again by him being sick several more times, at this point I thought maybe he has food poisoning? He pretty much slept the whole of the day while I had to find ways to pass the time..

Day Four - This was our last full day in Italy (we had a morning flight on the Sunday) so we tried to make the most of it since the rest of our time here didn't go to plan. Hannah had mentioned that Sirmione was a must visit and it had an amazing stationery shop so after buying boat tickets we went there. It was a beautiful sunny day, and very busy. The town was picturesque throughout with house adorned with flowers, we found the stationery shop almost immediately and I spent a while uhmm and arring over what to buy!  After that we found the Rocca Scaligera a thirteenth century castle, even though the inside is a shell we had fun exploring the ramparts and climbing the tower where I managed to spot a mini beach! The one thing I wanted to do was go paddling, so I excitedly dragged C down an alley so I could dip my feet in the lake. After buying a few more gifts we once more headed back to Gardone Rivera since I really wanted to visit the botanical gardens and they did not disappoint. They were beautiful and I got to pretend to be an adventurer climbing rocks, walking though bamboo forest, crossing over stepping stones and spotting wildlife. 

Although it wasn't the most perfect holiday, the last day somewhat made up for it. 

Have you been to Italy before or on holiday this year? I'd love to hear about it.   


  1. Gosh you certainly gpt some beautiful shots of your trip and even though you had some problems your last day sounded so fun! I went to Rome last year, and even though it was far too hot for me at the time, all I really remember now is the fun we had! My favourite area was called Trastevere, cobbled streets, alleys, little squres with fountans and churches, cute shops and delicious food, if you ever make it to Rome you should make sure you visit! x

    1. Thank you, the best shots were taking by my boyfriend! I'm glad the last day wasn't a disaster!! Rome looks amazing, glad you had a fun time!!!!

  2. Beautiful photos. I'm a little jealous but mainly planning to go :)

    Lizzie's Daily Blog

  3. Such lovely photos. My parents went to Lake Garda last year and said it was a great place to visit. I'm tempted. Would love a holiday!


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