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Tuesday, 23 September 2014
I'm going to stress this, I love going to meet ups because for me it helps my confidence grow I am a shy person and doing something like this, going out of my comfort zone and socialising with people I don't know helps me come out of my shell. The fact we are gifted items is a perk and still something I can't wrap my head around!! 

At the meet up Leah and Gemma had organised a tombola to help raise money for a local charity called school for parents. I'm pretty sure every blogger took part, and I'm hoping Gemma and Leah managed to raise enough money. I was lucky enough to win a price, even picking out my lucky number five! 
So my tombola prize included Nair Argan Oil - Happi feet, a brand I haven't come across before so I'm intrigued to try these - Samples of Argan Dew - Batiste dry shampoo. Have you used any of these brands before?

Gemma and Leah must have worked so hard, getting in touch with brands etc. in help putting this bag together. So what was inside.. 
As most of you know I love crafty things and supporting handmade so when I saw these items in my bag I was very excited. Sweet Cecily gifted us a Make your own Lip Balm kit in Strawberry, I love the added touch of the perosnalised label with #NottsMeetSep14! I'm so excited to make this and have a good look at the other products Sweet Cecily makes. I got a bat necklace from Lylia Rose, which is pretty amazing! I've bought some items from House of Wonderland before so when me and many other girls who attended saw this I'm sure we did an inside squeal.. we were given a necklace with our blog names on! Each necklace was matched to our blogs, from the colours chosen etc. which is really impressive, I was pretty amazed! Inside the envelope were lots of offers, information about the brands included and a voucher for a personal planner!! I have wanted one of these for such a long time but could never justify/afford spending so much money on a planner, as soon as I found this hidden away I swiftly ordered one. I cannot wait for it to arrive!! Leah also made each blogger there own lanyards, which I love, I can't see myself having the patience to do that!

Thebloggerprogramme.co.uk supplied everyone with a #NottsMeetSep14 bag which is pretty amazing! I'm not sure you can quite see it in the photograph but Laura from The Drama Llama made everyone a piece of fused glass, mine was in the shape that reminded me of a snow flake so it's going to be a pretty decoration on the Christmas tree!  I don't know about you but I am pretty hopeless at applying nail varnish so I'm actually quite excited to try this Handirest, Crabtree and Evelyn are a brand I'm starting to really love they gifted us all a body lotion. Lulu and Boo included a sample, I got their Seaweed facemask and I tried it the other night and oh my I love it!! It made me skin super smooth, another brand I'll be looking at. A girl can never have too much soap/shower gel, and samples of Shampoo and Conditioner, I haven't heard of Speick before, but it's another natural company so it's a plus from me. A radiance exfoliating face polish and facial wash from UrbanVeda another brand I'm excited to try. Kiss Air gave us a Almond Macaroon melt, oh my this smells divine, I wanted to burn it straight away but also save it for a cold winters night. I can see myself buying a few of these anyway! A lip balm and sample of soap from Harlequin cosmetics, I love this lip balm I ran out of my other one a while a go and never bought more, but its one of my favourites! A tea pig sample, I got chocolate which I am eager and afraid to try.. Rec Cherry black eyelashes, there are made from human hair, I feel grossed out by that slightly but then I have used human hair extensions. 
Other things - A pack of Femfresh wipes, all round cream and a sachet of balance cream/colour correction from Lavera, feminine hygiene from Organic Manuka Doctor provided a mini kit, a sample of healgel, a sample of gel collagen, Benefit samples, playboy lipstick, a nanshy make up brush, Skinetica toner, Metique samples, Dr. Bronner soap and lastly Oqibo samples. 

If you have used any of these products do let me know what you think!!  

A big thank you to all the brands that donated!! 

You probably didn't need to know about everything that was in the bag but hey I thought I would share and since two people were missing from the meet up Leah and Gemma have decided to give the bags away so go enter on Gemma's blog here or on Leah's here!!!!! 

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  1. What a fab goodie bag - I've already entered the competitions :)

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