Monday, 22 September 2014
On Saturday I went to the #NottsMeetSep14 hosted by Gemma and Leah, who have been organising this meet up for the last six months. It's been exciting getting little updates. It honestly came by really quick and all the hard work really payed off. 

I'm splitting this into two posts, one about the day and another about the gift/goody bag which we got at the end of the day, I don't usually do that in case people see it as bragging but I just thought the bag was thoughtfully put together and there a re brands/products in there that I think a few of you would like!! 

I forgot to take my camera on the day so photos of the event were taken on my phone. 

The event was held at Sobar, a relatively new alcohol free bar in Nottingham. The majority of the bloggers were from Nottingham or local, I always find these things strange, sometimes I've spoken to some of the bloggers online or met them before but on the day you always (well I do) tend to stay with the first people you see/go up to and not really mingle, I think that's mainly due to shyness on my part. So sorry if I didn't say Hi! We had our own little reserved area, where we could enjoy our food. I opted for the Mozzarella and sun-dried tomato salad with a side of Garlic bread, which was yummy, I LOVE sun dried tomatoes. The tables were decorated with up-cycled coke can flowers, which me and and many other bloggers loved and now want to attempt to make our own. 

Once we had eaten we headed upstairs were we had our own 'private' room, here we was given a chat from Suzie from Xenca, a fairly new Cruelty Free Organic (bar the eyeliner/mascara) Veggie MakeUp Natural Skincare brand which instantly appealed to me. What made the talk so much more funner for me was the fact it was obvious how passionate Suzie was about Xenca, something that I feel is so easily lost these days. She started out with telling us a little bit about Xenca before passing around some of the products for us to test on our hands etc. Being me and being clumsy, I may have accidentally sprayed some of the cleanser everywhere after pressing the pump far too many times because nothing was coming out, lesson learnt. We also got to try a product called Five a Day +  a product I'm really eager to buy (waiting for pay day) it's a green supplement that provides the nutritional equivalent of 5 – 7 servings of fresh fruit and veg. I don't always get my five a day so this is something that would be perfect for me. The product itself can be mixed in juice/water or sprinkled on salad (or any other possible ways you can think off!) It was a really great chat and I genuinely felt like I learnt quite a bit. 

Suzie gave us a little bag filled with information about Xenca and their products as well as very kindly gifting each blogger their choice of their favourite make up product. I opted for the eyeshadow in Mink, I love natural colours so this one was perfect for me, although it was a hard choice choosing! After the chat was over, we took part in a raffle and given our 'goody bags' but more on that tomorrow! It was really such a lovely day so a BIG thank you to Leah and Gemma for organising it, Suzie for coming to talk to us and Sober for having us! 

A picture of all those who attended. (L-R) Jemma Anna - Sally - Mel - Becki - Siobhan - Amber - Me - Emma - Hollie - Megan - Lucy 
(Slightly to the from L-R) Leah - Gemma - Becka - Sian - Charley - Frankie

Please go have a look at their blogs!! 

Have you been to any blogger meet ups? Or want to attend one?  


  1. Thank you for your lovely post Hannah :).
    So happy that you enjoyed the day.
    Cant wait to see what you write about the goody bag. Did you win a prize on the tom bola?

    Leah x

    1. Thanks for organising it! and yes I did =) x

  2. I would love to attend a blogger meet up but have yet to be invited to one :)

    Lizzie's Daily Blog

    1. I hope you do! Make sure to look out for them!!

  3. I've been to a couple in London and really enjoyed them! It's great to put faces to blogs and it looks like you had a great time :) xx

    Jasmin Charlotte | Palette Giveaway

    1. It is, although I must admit some people look different when you are trying to identify them by their twitter pics! xx


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