Review - PikStick Photo Magnets*

I've mentioned before how I love photographs but it's rare that I ever print them out, they just end up in folders on social media sites. I love having photographs and sticking them in albums, and writing a little bit about where I was, what I was doing etc. Now photos can be printed on onto anything, which can also make perfect gifts, from items such as pillow cases, mouse mats, mugs, t-shirts the list is endless.  

PikStick transform photos into magnets, a sheet of nine magnets cost £9.50 (roughly £1.05 per magnet.) Which I think is very cheap, not only that but you can also use code IVORY25 to get 25% off. The website is easy to use, by uploading photos from facebook, your computer, phone etc. Then you crop the pictures to the size you want and place your order. PikStick also offer free worldwide delivery, being in the UK they arrived super quick.

My first thoughts, I wasn't completely blown away with the quality, from afar they look good but up close some of the images are quite blurred/grainy. Whether that's down to me choosing some photos that didn't have the best quality I'm not sure. One think I really like is the white boarder around the side of each image.
The magnets are conjoined onto a bendy sheet, I presumed you could just snap this and they would come about, I was wrong. When I was doing this I noticed some of the images on the magnets were peeling slightly. It's not something that bothers me too much, it's only noticeable wen you lift it up with your finger or bend the magnet etc. I used scissors to cut the magnets about which was easy enough.

Overall, they aren't 100% amazing but for around £1.05 for each magnet I don't think you can really go wrong. It's a cheap way to brighten up a fridge with some of your favourite snapshots and I think they would make perfect gifts.

Is this something you would buy? Let me know your thoughts.
  1. They look very cute but it is a shame that they peel.

    Lizzie's Daily Blog

    1. It is, but for the money I think they are great!

  2. The price isn't bad at all, I'd totally get some of these... I love magnets and would love to cover my fridge in photos :D



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