Happy Halloween!! Halloween isn't something I really celebrate, I think it's more of an American thing, in England it usually means people dressing up, going out and getting drunk, another thing I don't do a lot off.. I remember being young and going out trick and treating and coming back with bag full of goodies and being excited when I got a fifty pence! It's a shame there used to be so many people out, and everyone really used to get into the spirit of things, decorating their houses, pumpkins, scaring people etc. now we don't even get trick or treaters knocking on our door anymore, another reason why Halloween just seems to come and go!

I would love to introduce some Halloween traditions into my life (other than the traditional movie watch of Hocus Pocus) whether it be carving a pumpkin, making Halloween related treats etc. This year I took part in a Halloween swap ran by Hannah from cupcakemumma, I love swaps so I thought this one would be fun. I also must point out now that Summer's over my photos are going to suffer a lot without any natural lighting to take pictures in and getting home and its already dark.  

I was paired up with Vicki from EllieBearBabi.
It's a good job Spiders don't scare me, because I'm sure these would have given me a fright once I opened the card and they fell out! Vicki also send me a recipe for a Pumpkin pie which you can find here, it looks yummy! I also got two Yankee candles, I love candles you can never have enough, they were the Halloween scents in candy corn and witches brew. I also got a tinsel cat, and my favourite things a chocolate lollipop. Thank you Vicki. 
Our swaps actually came out very similar, great minds and all that.. I popped in some of the ghostly Yankee candle tea lights, which smell amazing. A chocolate lollipop because all Halloween swaps need some kind of sweet treat, a sparkly pumpkin bubble bar from Lush and lastly, I wanted to make something handmade but I was so rushed and didn't have the time to make something that would take a while, so I made a ghost instead, something quick and hopefully cute?

Do you have any Halloween traditions or plans for tonight?

  1. I like your little ghost! Lovely gift swap you two have done thank you so much for taking part xx

  2. Looks like such a cute parcel. I'm sad that I never received mine but hope my recipient liked hers!


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