Going back to college.

I've been a little absent from this blog due to many reasons, it feels like I have a never-ending pile of things to do, like a trillion blog posts to write, #DICraftSwap and more. One of the reasons why I haven't had time to blog other than the fact it gets dark so early now and the chances to take photos are slim is because I decided to go back to College, with work it is rare that I get a free day. To top it of yesterday my laptop died on me, so I'm stealing my Sisters when she is not here in hope to blog until mine gets fixed/replaced. 

So I've done this college thing three times now, I guess you can say I'm pretty indecisive. When I left school, I had no idea what I wanted to do, I wanted to go to college but being shy I opted for the safe, familiar option and the same one as my best friends. I stayed on and went to my schools sixth form, I chose to study photography, English, media studies and psychology, I ended up dropping out of English due to the fact I had one of those teachers who kind of ignores the quiet kid. The rest of my lessons were okay but I wasn't enjoying it, so in the end I left during the second year. I did get one AS level out of it so I guess it wasn't a complete waste of time. Around a year and a half later I went to a college, since I've always loved media studies I chose to study TV and Film production,I loved the college, my classes, the students etc. I loved that I could use my imagination and be creative. Again I ended up leaving during the second year, this was mainly down to the fact I got a job and was working all the time and college was the thing that ended up suffering. Then I got the job that I have now, and been working in retail for the last three years. Those three years went so quick, I know that I don't want to work in retail forever, I don't like it. Thankfully I love the people I work with but I needed a change, something else to focus on so I can hopefully get a job I'll enjoy.

Since I've always loved animals and wanted to work with them, I decided to finally get the ball rolling and do a level two Animal Care course, the course is only a year long which I'm happy about, and as part of the cause I need to complete 150 of work experience. I've been there since September, I'm enjoying it but it has its good sides and its bad. 

My age - I'm 23 and although there a few people above 18 in my class the majority of them are 16 and sometimes this means lack of maturity.There are people still trying to be popular, thinking they are 'cool' for skipping class etc. I've been there and its not something I would like to repeat. I get along with most people but I do find it hard to connect with younger people due to finding something to talk about. 

Lack of animals - I'm studying animal care and the college I attend doesn't have any animals, and with assignments saying we need to perform so many treatments and having no animals to perform on is hard. 

Assignments - I love doing assignments but some of them are so badly worded its hard to follow, I got my first one back the other day and had to resubmit because I missed a few things out only to discover my friend got a distinction but didn't include any of the information I missed out.

Lessons - There will be some really good lessons and then some where you feel like you are sat doing nothing, we had a lesson the other day and as a starter activity we had to do a quiz sheet, I finished mine in ten minutes but because of others we spent the whole lesson on it. I'm also having to retake Maths and I've only had a few lessons so far but our first lesson included a patronising teacher and maths symbols on the board (-+) and her asking us to name them... 

Since the college has no animals we get to go on day trips to places, so we can get hands on experience with animals, we went on our first trip in October. 

The trip was a lot of fun, we got to do a variety of tasks from cleaning out the Pigs, catching a Chicken which I was terrified of doing but managed to do it on my first go! Weighing goats and the most scariest because I thought I would get kicked, restraining an Alpaca so we could put a harness on him, I also got to hold an Albino Skunk. 

So this is a litte (or maybe big) update on what I've been doing at college, I've just completed my first work experience at Cat Protection, so if you would like to see a blog post about that let me know and hopefully if you like this post I'll do more college updates! 
  1. Those animals are adorable - good for you going back to college and knowing what you want to do in life!

    Lizzie's Daily Blog

  2. Yay, good for you! :) Do you know what you want to do after the course?
    I dropped out of college and uni, then went back to uni after a few years.....I got a lot of crap off people for being a 'drop out' and not settling on anything - but I don't regret it at all, sometimes you have to try a few things out before you find the thing that suits you.

    I work in retail right now too- I really hate it, but so do all my workmates and we bond over our collective hatred of dealing with people!

    more college updates please :)

  3. Following your heart is always a good decision and I am sure you will make new friends, some with shared deeply ingrained interests.

    Do not worry about the age, I was older than the majority when I started vet-school because it was my second study.

    The only advice I can give you is try to get lots and lots and lots of experience already now... do weekends, holidays at the petting farm / local shelter / animal ambulance, everything you can find, it will make the difference later.

    I am a vet, so if you need any help with assignments or lessons let me know, I am all ears and would be happy to help.

    Your photos made me miss school, practice outings are the best. I love goats, they are so smart, some say smarter than a dog even (when you have them as pets and train them).

    All the best wishes.

  4. well done Hannah for giving it another go! a year long course is a nice tidy length of time and you will do really great this year I'm sure! I'm glad you got a chance to share what you've been up to, yes yes college updates will be an interesting series to read, particularly from the view point of someone who has done it before and can see through people's 'fake coolness' :) jenny xxx


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